Dennie Kids: January 17, 2011

DENNIE DINER now open!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was going to be a lazy morning around the house-Dad even took the van because we weren’t going anywhere.  But Grannymom called and who could pass up a chance to play at Rock Creek. 
  • The kids were so excited about going that when Anderson went upstairs to potty, he came back down fully dressed-that never ever happens.  He hates to put on his clothes and would leave the house in his pjs if possible.  Since Dad had the van, Anderson did have to walk there so it is a good thing he did put on his warm clothes.  Grannymom picked him up before he got to far down the road and gave him a ride.
  • Once we got there, the parking lot looked eerily empty so we checked the doors and they were locked.  The kids didn’t really seem to mind especially when Grannymom mentioned McDonalds.  Of course, since Mom wasn’t in her car, she didn’t have her money (nor her driver’s license).  Grannymom bought everyone a hamburger which the kids ate up (they only had a half).  Lilly said that it must have cost a lot of money to buy all of that food!
  • Back at home, Dad came in for lunch and Mom went out to run to Sams and Walmart.  While Mom was gone, Campbell had a nap and everyone else worked on coloring their menus for the Dennie Diner.
  • After Dad went back to work, the kids worked hard-and I really do mean hard preparing for the Dennie Diner.  We set the table and cleaned the “movie room” (otherwise known as the den/toy room/messiest room in the house)  After things were clean, Mom got the sheet for the movie to be played on.  Graham knew what was next and pushed a chair into the den for Mom to stand on to hang the sheet-pretty impressive
  • Campbell and Graham had a nap while Reagan and Anderson played upstairs in their room.  Mom eavesdropped and heard them playing with money.  Then she heard them taking turns “spitting up” (vomiting) out the money into the can.  They were having a blast so Mom let them alone…she had things to do.
  • Since everyone rested later when everyone was up and stirring, it was almost time for “Dinner and Movie” family night at the Dennie Diner.  The table was set, the candles lit and the food hot so Reagan screamed “places” and we all gathered in the living room.  Mom even had the diaper bag so it would all be legit!
  • Reagan was the hostess and welcomed everyone, asked how many we had, showed us to the table and passed out menus.  Graham was next up and he was the order taker for the drinks.  We looked through the menu and ordered the drinks-Graham delivered them and he was so proud.  Everyone chose the lemonade that we had made earlier in the day.
  • Reagan took the order for the main course.  It was a little complicated with all of the choices: manicotti, green beans, egg, cheese.  Eggs and green beans were the biggest hits though Mom and Dad enjoyed the manicotti.  Reagan was an excellent waitress and delighted in delivering the plates.
  • Anderson was the server for the desserts.  We had made ice pops and Dad and Anderson worked on making them.  It took a while to get them right but finally the popsicles were ready to eat-Anderson didn’t care by then, Reagan said she didn’t like them, Graham had a few bites and was done so that left Mom to eat them (Dad didn’t like them either-they had fruit chunks in it)
  • Next up was the Meet the Robinsons movie.  Reagan and Anderson watched it all while Graham and Campbell crawled around.  Mom and Dad even enjoyed it and everyone enjoyed the popcorn and candy!

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