Happy Birthday Mom!: January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It started off as a pretty rough morning for Graham.  First he got in trouble for kicking Mom and was sent to bed.  After a few minutes, he stopped screaming and Mom thought she better check-he was standing in the middle of the floor quietly (probably scared he would get in trouble again when Mom found out that he had gotten out of bed)
  • His morning didn’t get any better when Dad dropped him off.  It was an all out fit-Mom and Dad are starting to get a little bit worried since Graham’s early morning teacher is as old as Methuselah!  Campbell is a sweet little girl at school-her teachers asked to take her home.  They were also impressed with her multiple waves and kisses.
  • Anderson and Reagan walked right into their class today.  After Mom dropped Reagan off, she had to look for Anderson.  He was in his class playing with a bucket of sand.  Poor Ms. Wendelyn thought that the sand was going to stay on the little mat she had it on-I bet sand was all over that room!
  • Grannymom picked up Reagan and Anderson from school.  They spent most of the afternoon playing inside and then playing outside.  When Mom arrived with Graham and Campbell, everyone played outside more and then went inside for lots and lots of snacks. 
  • Back at home, Campbell took a nap and the rest of us played and played until Dad came home from work and then it was time to celebrate Mom’s birthday! 
  • Mom had already been celebrating all day beginning with lunch with Dad.  Tonight at Nonna and Pops’ house we had a huge Hawaiian hamburger with all of the trimmings, fries and beans.  Dessert was brownies and a delicious chocolate pie.  Then we opened presents-money from Beebee and Papaw, a Target gift card from Jason, a shopping trip IOU and a plate from Mom’s Christmas dishes from Nonna and Pops.  Overall Mom had a great birthday-and still plans on celebrating for the rest of the month!
  • Yesterday, Reagan and Mom were talking her birthday and eating supper at Nonna’s house.  Reagan asked if lots of people would be there, if there would be a pinata and if there would be goodie bags.  The answer to all of the questions were No so Reagan thought for a few moments and then said “Mom, I will show you a real birthday party”

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