Dennie Kids: January 16, 2011

"I didn't do it!"
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Church morning and we were all doing good and moving quick until we couldn’t find Reagan’s headband.  That led to all out hysterics.  Mom then tried to put a bow in her hair but since Reagan was sobbing so hard she couldn’t be still and Mom hadn’t yet had a shower and we were leaving in 15 minutes-the bow idea was aborted.  Mom gave Reagan a barrette to which Reagan replied “I won’t look pretty”-good grief!  It was a rough morning.
  • Once Reagan made it to church, she was as happy as she could be about how pretty she looked and was delighted to show Grannymom.  Also, she kept pointing out other little girls that had on boots or cute skirts.
  • If you remember last weeks post, we did manage to get Graham to class with 2 shoes on this week.  His teachers’ said that they had a good laugh last week about Graham and his shoe.  Even though he had two shoes, he was not pleased about class, nor was Campbell.
  • After church, we went to Grannymom’s house for lunch.  Reagan loved the roast, Campbell her carrots, Graham his banana pudding and Anderson, well, Anderson just really wanted dessert!  After lunch, we played for awhile and then headed home for a nap….which nobody took (except Campbell).  Graham did eventually fall asleep but only briefly
  • Mom and Reagan headed back to church for choir and Bible study.  On the way Reagan said she didn’t like choir but she had changed her mind on the way home-and since Mom had snuck her a cookie out of Bible Study she was very happy she made the trip.
  • Meanwhile, the boys and Campbell were hanging with Dad and eating supper.  When everyone made it home, we played until bedtime.  The highlight was acting Jack and Jill went up the hill, over and over! and over and over!
  • After drinking an entire water bottle (Reagan) and a huge cup of milk (Anderson), they still begged Mom for their water bottles in bed.  Mom and then Dad declined.  Later, they called Mom up to beg for their water bottles.  They said they “would do anything" for Mom.  Reagan said her tummy was starving and Anderson agreed that his tummy was empty and full of air.
  • The other day, Mom and Dad had a grocery list going on the counter.  Later in the day when Mom looked at the list at the grocery store-she noticed one odd item that she didn’t recall listing: CAT  (it was written in Reagan’s handwriting)

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