Dennie Kids and Tara’s Birthday (one more time): January 7, 2011

Celebrating with Friends!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Today was literary day around here-we started off reading books even before Dad had left for work-probably because the kids had found Mom and Dad’s new book lights (they came with their snuggies-seriously)  The sun was not yet up so we definitely needed them
  • After we had our clothes on, the kids grabbed more books to read at breakfast-plus we are reading Stuart Little.  We read and read until Mom looked up and realized we had to move quickly or we would be late for the library
  • We made it to the library just in time.  We go to the downtown library and the kids immediately got their carpet squares and sat down.  Graham does just what Reagan and Anderson do.  He just takes it all in with his big eyes.  Reagan and Anderson love story time-they even speak out loud-maybe even a little too much!  Campbell started off in her buggy but then really wanted to get down and crawl around-she was happy sitting playing with her name tag.  After story time, it was time for craft - Reagan’s favorite.   She could have glued and colored forever.
  • After the library, we picked Dad up and we went to eat and then ran an errand to the book store.  The kids were so impressed with all of the books and probably have never been to a bookstore.  We had to explain that we couldn’t check them out and take them home
  • Next up was home for a nap.  Grannymom called Mom just as everyone was bedded down and mentioned the Target Christmas clearance.  Since Mom didn’t think she should leave the kids home alone, Grannymom and Grandpa came over to stay and play for a few minutes while Mom power shopped.
  • We all made some of Reagan’s snowman soup (hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate and candy canes).  Everyone made some and everyone made a mess but they had lots of fun
  • When Dad came home, it was time to leave for Jacob and Ethan’s house to celebrate Mom’s birthday one more time.  April had barbeque and beans and hot dogs for the kids.  The kids ate and then headed upstairs to play-they trashed the upstairs but the grownups had a great time talking!  After cupcakes and presents it was time to go home and the kids were devastated.  And Campbell was completely worn out because she spent more of her time trying to climb up the stairs.  While everyone was singing to Mom, Campbell did make it halfway up the stairs

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