Dennie Kids: January 12, 2011

"Y'all have 5 minutes...and
then you need to come in!"
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Our first to-do item this morning was a trip to Kroger-doesn’t everyone take 4 kids in 10 degree weather out to buy a galloon of milk.  Mom couldn’t have asked for better kids today-they wore their heavy coats inside the store without complaining and they even switched riding in the shopping cart car without complaint.  The boys were in it first and when Mom made them get out, Reagan asked if Campbell was going to get to ride.  Mom said no and then looked to see Campbell climbing out of the shopping cart (she was trying to get herself in the little shopping cart car)
  • After shopping, we headed home and everyone wanted to play in the snow.  Mom didn’t want to this time but sent everyone out while she unloaded the groceries.  Campbell was taking her nap.  Graham lasted about 2 minutes outside-it took Mom 6 minutes to put his gloves on.  Reagan and Anderson could have stayed outside forever.  As soon as Mom made them come in, they both stripped down and found warm dry clothes
  • Nonna arrived next and everyone was happy to see her.  She played for awhile and then we all sat down for lunch.  Reagan and Anderson were happy to say their Awana Bible verses for her.  Anderson needs a cue to get his verse started but then he would shout (and I mean shout) it out.  Reagan can read hers and was so very proud of herself.  Graham got mad at Mom when she didn’t let him have his turn with the Bible verse book.  So when she handed him the book he said “Santa coming soon” and grinned as big as he could
  • Soon it was time for Nonna to leave and time for naps for everyone.  The kids rested well and after snack and a movie it was time for more playing!  We worked on a special birthday card and then waiting on Dad to come home.  Dad had supper and we pretty much devoured it. 
  • We changed into our pajamas and played a game with Mom.  Then Reagan read a little bit of “Go Dog Go” to Dad and the boys.  Afterwards, it was bedtime-school day tomorrow

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