Dennie Kids: January 5, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Grannymom was over a little bit before 9 and Mom and Reagan were off to the eye doctor.  Reagan had failed her eye exam at the pediatrician’s office so we made an appointment.  She did great and has 20/20 vision so no glasses were needed here.  He did say that she had some allergies in her eyes (Mom wasn’t surprised because allergies are the theme of the week)  Reagan spent a lot of time deciding where she wanted Dad to take her as her reward
  • After Grannymom left, Mom worked on the house for a little bit while everyone watched a movie.  Anderson was going to watch one in the living room and Reagan asked to watch hers in the den.  As Mom was trying to put Reagan’s movie in, Mom realized that the DVD player was missing (Dad did it).  Reagan was very disappointed but was quickly distracted with Anderson’s movie
  • On the way to Nonna’s house, we had a very long discussion about Bailey (our other dog that ran away over 3 years ago).  Reagan, Anderson and even Graham told me how much they miss Bailey, how they wanted to find her and they wanted Dad to call the pound to look for her (Mom mentioned the pound).  As soon as our conversation ended, Reagan said “was Bailey a cat?”
  • The big kids stayed at Nonna’s house while Mom took Campbell to the Nutrition Center.  Campbell was not pleased when we stretched her out to measure her and she was definitely not pleased when it was time to put on her brain lab hat.  She did finally calm down and sat nicely through brain lab.  During the psych, she was the cutest baby ever.  She would try her best to grab the toys, wouldn’t give them back and would shove them away when she was finished!
  • Mom had put three car seats into Nonna’s car and then everyone met at church for supper and then Cubbies.  Mom was Zip E Zebra tonight and they had all figured it out tonight-probably because Reagan saw Mom running ahead of her class to get to the puppet room on time.

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