Dennie Kids: January 22, 2011

Happy Girl!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was a fairly lazy Saturday morning.  Graham was the first one up followed by Campbell, Reagan and Anderson.  Mom asked Anderson what he wanted to do today and he suggested walking to Jason’s house or going to Nonna’s house and getting into her attic to find Jason’s old train
  • Dad had spied Mom’s list for the day and soon was up and starting to cut the boys hair.  It had been awhile since their hair had been cut and it was quite an ordeal.  Graham can’t stay still for anything and twists, squirms, rubs his face and wipes his mouth with his shirt-needless to say there was hair all over including his mouth and eyes.  Anderson got freaked out quickly and cried like a baby for the first few minutes until Mom handed out candy
  • The next event was Graham and Mom running a few errands.  Graham was so very excited about “staying home” today but as soon as Mom said she was leaving, he was the first one to try to get out of the house.  He was great shopping with Mom until Mom tried to leave the post office without the box she was mailing.  He stopped at the door and said “the box, Mom get the box.”  He later told Mom that we needed to go back and get the box
  • Dad cooked up lunch and then everyone played very well.  Mom and Dad even both fell asleep on the couch while the kids played at their feet for about 10 minutes.  That never happens.  Though, when the nerf dart got stuck high above the cabinets, Reagan and Anderson decided to wake Mom up to get it.  Mom asked why they didn’t wake up their father to help.  They just looked at each other and then moved down the couch to ask Dad.
  • Mom went to a baby shower while the crew played and played (this was evident by all of the toys spread throughout the house-Mom is going to purge next week).  After lots of playing, Dad sent everyone to rest.  He used a bribe so nap time would run smoothly-McDonalds and it must have worked because the house was quite when Mom arrived home.
  • As soon as we pulled up to McDonalds, Campbell clapped her hands.  Maybe she remembered it from the other day.  The kids played well together and Graham was even brave enough to climb up the slide and stay most of the time with Reagan and Anderson. 
  • Back at home, Reagan and Anderson put on a superhero show.  Anderson was the announcer and introduced “the most beautiful superhero girl”  He even sang a song while the superhero girl danced.  He also had to stall for about 5 minutes while the superhero girl was getting ready.  Graham got into the act by running into the room shouting “incredible hulk”-though it sounded nothing like that

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