Dennie Kids: January 24, 2011

'S' is for Spider!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • With the holidays and snow days, it's been awhile since we've had a normal "Monday" Everyone slept good and Reagan was the last one up. She quickly got ready for school.  Dad and her took off with breakfast in hand.
  • Reagan had birthday bash at school, made a Cheerio bird feeder necklace and watched a movie about birds; meanwhile, the boys, Campbell and Mom tackled the laundry - a daily occurrence these days.
  • Soon Reagan and Dad were home and it was time for lunch - cheese 'n crackers and peanut butter 'n crackers
  • The big kids worked on their "S" letters - today's decor were spiders!  Then it was afternoon of playing and naps (or down time for Reagan and Anderson)
  • The pizza delivery man dropped off supper even before Dad got home; then it was time for quick video call from Nonna and Pops and then Mom headed out for Bunko.
  • A few games of nerf football and then Mickey and Phineas & Ferb movies before bedtime

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