Dennie Kids: January 27, 2011

Artist in Training!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The other morning, Mom and Dad’s daily morning guest was in their bed and it was a quite peaceful morning.  Until Dad let out a very loud snore.  And then Graham let out two very loud snores.  Mom let out a very, very loud laugh-which pretty much ended the peaceful morning!
  • Graham has been doing good wearing his big boy underwears-but all he can last is about an hour and then he tells Mom that he doesn’t want to wear his underwears anymore and wants his diapers.  By that time, Mom is okay with that too
  • This morning it was another good drop off for Graham but poor Campbell was out of her routine when Ms. Clarice tried to change her diaper so she decided to fuss.  But she did calm down by the time Dad dropped of Graham.  Ms Clarice said that Graham always finds her on the playground and comes and talked to her.
  • Campbell had a good day at school and even went on a stroller ride, Reagan and Anderson went to chapel and Reagan brought her bear with her to learn about hibernation. 
  • Grannymom picked up the big two and they spent the afternoon decorating cookies and playing outside.  Mom picked them up and everyone headed to pick up Graham and Campbell.  Graham had been sleeping and didn’t wake up well-he was even upset when Reagan tried to show him the skittles that Grannymom had sent for him
  • Back at home, the kids played outside, colored, Reagan did her reading, read a few books, played trains, played with Anderson’s building truck and even sang a few songs.  Everything was going good until it was time for Dad to arrive and then things went downhill.  It was so bad when Dad came home that he offered for Mom to go to Target!  Ha!  Things calmed down after supper.
  • Then the kids played until bath time.  Bath went splendidly until Mom got out the foam soap-3 kids loved it and 1 went crazy nuts.  Reagan has never liked things like that and she still doesn’t.  Everytime she takes a bath lately her arms have gotten red but this time, they broke out into an itchy rash-nothing that a little bit of hydrocortisone didn’t take care of
  • They watched a movie and when Anderson and Reagan asked for another movie, they came down begging “please, please we will do anything for you”  Mom questioned what that meant and was thinking of what she wanted them to do…and Reagan said “we will do anything but drive”

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