Dennie Kids: January 21, 2011

Everyone needs help sometimes!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Clothes, breakfast, cleaning up a bit and then playing trains for awhile.  Campbell and Mom spent some time practicing walking.
  • We thought that it would be a fairly calm morning with a quick trip to the doctor for Anderson.  Dad asked Grannymom if she could run over while Mom and Anderson ran to the doctor for just a few minutes…but it didn’t go down exactly like that.
  • Anderson has been limping for almost 2 weeks and even though it is much better we still went to the doctor.  She looked him over, ordered lab work (which the poor baby had just had his blood drawn a few weeks ago for allergy testing and he just cried and cried when they drew his blood-Mom held it together…barely), next we were sent to Children’s for xrays of his hip and an ultrasound.  We were given the all clear but were told if he still is limping next week then we will need to do an MRI.  (Mom doesn’t really understand why we didn’t get an xray of his foot/leg…anywho, hopefully his leg will continue to get better)
  • Anderson was a trooper through it all.  Except when we were with Dr. Martin.  Her exam room didn’t have a truck and this set the boy off.  He was whiney and fussy with Mom (enough so that Mom threatened to call Dad).  When Mom mentioned to the doctor that he was upset about not having a truck in the waiting room and when Martin said she had taken them our since everyone was falling on them-Anderson got really mad.  Of course, his mad isn’t too bad.  He did everything Martin asked but he closed his eyes when she talked to him and wouldn’t look at her.  Kind of funny!
  • At Children’s he was a trooper during the xray and ultrasound.  He enjoyed playin gin the waiting room and getting stickers and bubbles.  And what could be better than getting the promise that you would get your own icee.  Of course, Anderson thought he was going to get it on the way home and didn’t hear Mom say we would get it tomorrow-as we pulled onto Gamble he started crying when he realized he wasn’t getting it now
  • Nap time for everyone and then everyone woke up around the same time.  We colored in our coloring books-everyone spent awhile doing this.  Soon Dad was home and we headed out to eat.  After we finished eating, Dad said we had time for an icee so Anderson was thrilled.  We went to Sams and pushed all 4 kids in the shopping cart while they all sipped on the icees.  They must have been full or tired because they didn’t drink much.  After we toured Sams we walked next door to Walmart to stroll through.
  • When we finally made it home, the kids were tired and ready for bed.  After we tucked everyone in, we didn’t hear a peep from them.  Though last night, Dad heard Reagan and Anderson talking.  So he went in and asked what they were talking about.  Reagan said “Anderson had to go to the bathroom so I told him to call you.”  A few minutes later she continued with “sometimes he keeps talking and I just close my eyes and ignore him”

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