Dennie Kids: January 3, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • There wasn’t a lot going on this morning around here.  Anderson and Reagan spent most of the morning building bridges and animal homes using train tracks, blocks and the animals.  Graham spent most of his time knocking down their buildings and Campbell spent most of her time crawling as fast as she could toward all of the buildings attempting to knock them down herself (Mom spent her time chasing Campbell, getting on to Graham and calming down Reagan and Anderson)
  • We read a few stories at breakfast and then read a few more before lunch.  Reagan and Anderson will sit so still for a story and Graham is really getting better at sitting down.  Maybe they sat so well today because they were eating the entire time.  We finally just sat the big popcorn bucket down in the middle of us so they could grab it easier
  • Dad came home for lunch and we all ate our spaghettios and cheese dip-the lunch of champions.  Campbell spit out her spaghettios so she had green beans instead.  Mom was trying to only let her have her sippy cup today-we didn’t do so good.  She finally finished off one cup at breakfast but had a complete meltdown when she saw an empty bottle in the dishwasher.  When Dad came home for lunch though, Mom did let her have a bottle-at least they made it until lunch…baby steps
  • Speaking of baby steps.  Graham wore big boy underwear and did very good all morning long.  But there must be something about lunch time because he then had 2 accidents.  He did take off his underwear for Mom and handed them to her while saying “I poopoo in my pants”-thankfully it wasn’t poopoo but they were wet!  We made it until lunch with our big boy underpants and then it was back to the diaper
  • Nap time and then everyone put on their clothes (yes we were still in our pajamas) to go to Nonna and Pops’ house for pizza.  The kids enjoyed playing for a bit and Mom and Dad took everyone’s pictures and did some video shooting of the kids.  We even used the ink pad to make Campbell’s footprint for her wall. 
  • Campbell found a seat at Nonna’s and she was so proud of herself sitting on it.  She was also pretty happy about letting Anderson push her around while she was on the little push toy-until he knocked her off and then fell on top of her.  When he knocked her off, he slammed his hand to his forehead and muttered something!  Later when he fell on top of her, he bounced up and shouted “I’m okay”
  • Tonight when we went to check on the kids, Reagan had put her taggie on top of her head with her headband securing it.  She looked like she had on veil-oh my!

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