Dennie Kids: January 9, 2011

First Snow of 2011!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
(click here for a video)
  • We didn’t have enough time for breakfast around here so we had to stop by Burger King for our cinna-minis (hopefully, this will just be a rare treat since Mom and Dad are on a budget).  Anyway, Mom knew Campbell couldn’t have a whole cinna-mini so she brought her a bowl to eat from.  Mom put in a few cheerios and on the way to Burger King Mom tried to get the bowl from Campbell to put in more cheerios-Campbell wasn’t happy about Mom taking the bowl.  Then Mom put the cinna-mini in the bowl and when Mom looked back on the way to church, Campbell tried to hand the bowl back to get more!
  • As Mom was looking back in the van, she saw Graham’s feet and shouted “where is your other shoe?”  Thankfully, she spotted it laying in the floor of the van and was relieved that the crisis was averted (so she thought)
  • Since Mom is trying hard to get the “bad Mom” award we didn’t wear any coats to church today (we had them in the van but putting on 4 coats to walk 10 feet and then hauling them around for 3 hours is just too much).  Anyway, Dad dropped everyone off and we all hurried out of the car grabbing our one last cinna-mini
  • Church was fine and dandy until Dad went to pick up Graham.  First there was a note on the door saying “Parents please send a sippy cup for your child each week” (Mom didn’t today-thought Graham could just drink juice from the cups there).  But the note should have said “Parents please send TWO SHOES for your child each week”-because poor Graham never got on his second shoe from the van.  Honestly, don’t you think the door greeters should have said “Ma’am, that little kid of yours only has on one shoe.”  I am sure everyone just looked at us walking down the hall and thought “that is what happens when you have 4 kids”
  • After church, we made it to Nonna’s house (with all of the kids) for a chili lunch.  The kids could hardly stand it they were so excited about the snow.  Dad left after lunch to run some errands and soon after it started snowing.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham ran around on the deck for a few minutes trying to catch the snow on their tongue.  Before long, Pops kicked us out and made us go home-or he was just worried about us getting home before the roads got too bad.  Mom ventured home without Dad and without her phone (it was left at home).  They made it fine and Campbell laid down for her nap.  Graham was completely happy with taking a nap today when Mom opened the window blinds for him to look out at the snow
  • Reagan and Anderson spent most of their nap time looking out of Mom’s window at the snow.  They couldn’t believe it and they were unbelievably excited when Mom said they could go outside later.  Soon Graham was up and everyone started dressing for the winter weather.  A shirt, sweatshirt, 2 pairs of socks, gloves, hat, jacket-times 3!  Reagan was not happy at all about all of the clothes and just wanted to wear her light coat.
  • Before Mom could even suit up, everyone was laying in the snow making snow angels.  The kids had a blast but they were frustrated about not being able to make a snow ball easily.  Mom was secretly glad because she didn’t want to get hit by too many snow balls.  We pulled out the sled (over 30 years old and borrowed from Nonna).  They loved it.  Mom would stand in the street to catch the sled, Dad pushed and the two that weren’t on the sled chased the sled down the driveway.  Of course, children running down the driveway ended many times in slips and slides.  Graham did a face plant once-thankfully in the grass and came up ready to get his snow covered hat off.  But after a sled ride he was completely happy again.
  • When it was time to come in, no one was happy but everyone was soaking wet.  Dad sent everyone upstairs for a bath (except Campbell-she missed the snow since she was napping and had a quick shower this morning-well, she was still wet after everyone’s bath thanks to Reagan and Anderson)  After baths, we all came down for supper.  Mom had made soup but no one really liked her soup-but everyone still ate her soup (needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant dining experience)
  • Next up, was watching the 3 four-wheelers from across the street.  They saw the kids and started doing lots of 360s in front of the house.  All 4 kids just stood in front of the window and watched for the longest time.  The neighbor even came over to talk for a minute-he asked if they were bothering us and was worried about the kids bedtime.  Mom told him they were our entertainment and thanked them!
  • After the four-wheeler show was over, we made hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate chips.  Anderson managed to spill his which ran through the table crack and then splattered onto the floor-what a sticky mess.  Soon everything was clean and they moved into the living room to watch tv with Dad
  • Everyone went to bed quickly because they were all excited about making a snowman in the morning-Campbell will even get to play some!

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