Dennie Kids: January 14, 2011

My First Lolipop!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Mom had two goals today-cut 80 finger and toenails and clean her closet (which had gotten very, very bad).  Since Graham woke up at 6, you would have thought that Mom would have gotten an early start.
  • Anderson heard Graham and was ready to wake up soon after but Mom talked him back into laying down.  But soon Dad heard him trying to talk to Reagan so he joined everyone in Mom’s room.  As you can imagine, all of this noise woke Campbell up (Belle took her spot in the den so she has been moved back to the bathroom). 
  • Mom was able to get a head start on the closet and most of the finger and toe nails done.  The kids played upstairs and by the time we were dressed and downstairs for breakfast, it was nearly 9:30.  We had to eat breakfast quickly so we could make to to the library on time (we were late last week)
  • We made it on time and even made it upstairs without too much off a ruckus.  Storytime was great-Reagan is so all into it and Anderson is to but when the leader asked if we should sing a song again, Anderson shouted “no” and then sat down when she sang it again.  Graham just takes it all in until the last 15 minutes and then he puts his carpet square upside down in his lap and scoots around.  Campbell knew exactly what to do when it was time to play the sticks and even got a little bit of head action going on
  • Back at home, Dad was already there for lunch.  We had lunch and then played some until Mom turned on a movie for us while she finished her closet.  Campbell spent her time putting books inside of Reagan’s dollhouse.  Graham watched the movie for a minute and then made his way upstairs to ask Mom to go to bed.  Mom said no (since no one was sleeping until she was finished with her closet) so Graham just screamed at Mom until she was done.  It was a very long 20 minutes!
  • Naptime for everyone and then it was time to get ready to meet Dad and Sarah Ashley at Larry’s Pizza.  The kids ate/devoured their pizza-especially the chocolate chip pizza.  Let’s just say Graham had more chocolate on his face/body than one wipee or eve a box of wipees could get off.
  • After the pizza was over, the money was spent, the prizes awarded (3 lollipops, 3 chocolate kisses-not bad for 8 dollars)-the evening was over and it was time for bed.  The kids changed into the pjs and when it was bedtime, Mom and Dad never heard anything from them.

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