Dennie Kids: January 20, 2011

Artist in training!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was a dreaded school morning but Anderson was agreeable and all clothes were put on pretty quickly this morning.  Even Dad’s car made it to school at a decent time though Mom still had time to work on Awana stuff before taking her crew in
  • Around 10:30, Graham and Campbell’s mother’s day out director called and Mom’s heart skipped a beat.  She thought they were finally calling to kick Graham out-they were just closing early for the weather.  When Mom picked them up, she told the director that she had her in a panic but everyone went on and on about what a good little boy Graham was. 
  • Mom had picked everyone up before they had a chance to eat their lunch and Campbell was still snoozing.  Meanwhile, Grannymom picked Anderson and Reagan up early because of the snow.  Anderson’s teacher said that as they were looking at the snow, Anderson said “maybe you should think of calling our parents to come and get us”
  • Campbell and Graham went to Mom’s work for a few minutes while Mom worked on a few papers.  Mom told Graham that he could slide but he didn’t leave Mom’s side until she went in the playroom with him-he didn’t slide but decided to play in the ball pit.  Campbell enjoyed the ball pit and crawled back over to it when Mom set her down
  • Back at Grannymom’s everyone had their lunch and even a few snacks before playing for a little bit.  The kids were all a little bit wild…maybe, I should say alot wild!  We ventured out in the snow and went home.  Everyone played and played.  Dad came home with his lunch and everyone had a few bites: Graham sat with Dad at the table, Anderson walked by a grabbed a piece, Reagan was playing dog and ate hers from a dog bowl and Campbell ate the pieces that Reagan handed to her
  • Soon it was nap time.  Campbell and Graham slept while Reagan and Anderson played in their room.  Mom spreads out the blankets and pillows for them and when she came back upstairs, they had turned the lights off and Anderson was snoozing.  Soon after Reagan got up and watched some tv while everyone else woke up.
  • Dad cooked supper.  He said that it was “pick your own” and let everyone pick.  When Reagan said a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Dad reminded her that she had that for breakfast and she reminded him that “you said it was pick your own.”  Graham heard Reagan said pb and j and thought it was breakfast and asked for his waffle but did opt for pizza.
  • Everyone played for awhile and then we got the play doh.  The kids loved it and could play for a long long time.  Mom finally had to get Campbell off of the floor since she had eaten more play doh than you should consume in a day.  Campbell got to sit and play with her play doh for a little bit.  She liked it but wasn’t crazy about it-she got mad at Mom when she tried to make her smash it with her hand.

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