Dennie Kids: January 15, 2011

A new hiding spot?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • It was Sleep-in Saturday except not everyone cooperated.  Actually Graham slept an hour and half later than yesterday and slept til 7:30.  Anderson won the prize for being up first this morning right at 7:00
  • We played around the house most of the morning until Dad said it was time to go to Bebe's.  Her birthday is tomorrow so we dropped off our card we made plus Mom made them an Italian supper dish (part of her Christmas present to them - "Dish of the Month."  Pawpaw gave us candy and Campbell enjoyed crawling away down the long hallway.  Dad ran an errand while we were there so we eventually walked over to Nonna's but first walked across the bridge from Bebe's to Nonna's where Anderson exclaimed, "A snow creek..." where they saw snow remnants underneath the little bridge
  • Soon Dad was back to pick up Mom but we got to stay at Nonna and Pops all afternoon. Even Uncle Jason came to visit and play.  We had lunch there, played outside and cut out Valentine hearts.  No one had a nap all afternoon.
  • Mom  & Dad picked us up and soon it was time to head home.  We ate supper, drank milk and then some more milk.  Then it was bath time and we all love bath except for the washing part.  But we all enjoyed putting on our robes after the bath.
  • Then we watched a Curious George before brushing a teeth and saying our prayers before going to bed. 

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