Dennie Kids: January 10, 2011

Snow Day!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
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  • Graham had an upset tummy early this morning which led to his diaper overflowing and running down his legs causing him to need a new diaper, new pants, new sheets, a new blanket, a new pillowcase, a bath for him and bath for Donald Duck.  Mom heard none of this excitement nor did she hear when Graham woke up again with the same issue (much less of a mess this time).  Dad put Graham in bed with Mom and then Dad disappeared downstairs to the waiting arms of his snuggie
  • The first thing that Anderson did this morning was check to make sure that the snow was still there.  He was happy to see that it was still there.  After homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, it was time to start suiting up
  • Man, suiting up for snow play is tough and we even added more layers today since we knew we would be out for awhile.  Campbell even got in on the act-2 shirts, tights, pants, shoes, Dad’s socks over her shoes and pants, mittens, hat and jacket-she was so proud of herself and cried at the gate until Mom took her down the stairs.
  • The first order of business today was making a snowman but our snow was not very wet so the snowman making was tough work.  Dad thought of putting the snow in buckets and it worked very well.  The snowman wasn’t too tall but he had a carrot nose just like Reagan has been talking about for months so our snowman got the Dennie kids thumbs up.
  • The driveway had melted so there wasn’t any sledding on it but the street was nice and icy.  The kids each had a few sleds down the hill but we had to stop quite often for the cars to pass by.  Campbell was getting ready to move since Mom had put her in the wagon to watch us and she wasn’t too pleased.  She wanted to be done playing in the snow
  • After we finished sledding, it was time for the big walk.  The kids have been talking about walking to Grannymom and Grandpa’s house for a while and we have been telling them that we will have to wait until the weather is nice.  We did figure that Grannymom and Grandpa would need some visitors today so we headed over.  Dad pulled the wagon with Campbell and sometimes Graham in it while Mom held hands/drug Anderson and Reagan.  Dad wasn’t too sure that we would even be able to make it there so Mom packed diapers, milk and some cookies (she has her priorities). 
  • After we made it down the big Gamble hill we were on our way.  The kids did great walking there-Anderson would get behind because he would get busy touching the snow and Reagan would lag because she insisted on walking in everyone’s yard and not on the sidewalk or street
  • When we made it there, we all undressed and Grannymom put at least 16 socks in the dryer along with lots of other winter gear.  The kids snacked and snacked-even choosing to eat a popsicle or two.  They must not have realized that it was 30 degrees outside and all of their toes were frostbitten!
  • After suiting up again, we headed home.  We seemed to make better time coming home and Dad and Campbell went in to warm up.  Everyone else played-wrestles, had snowball fights (Anderson did get his snowball, walk to the edge of the yard and waited on the couple walking by-Mom quickly thwarted his plan), made snow angels, buried each other and found the perfect snowball to save in the freezer.   Sometime in the middle of this, Mom heard Graham by the front door saying “get me out of here”  Dad rescued him from the cold.
  • Soon everyone was inside and warming up with a bath.  Next was nap time and Campbell and Graham must have been tired because they didn’t wake up until nearly 5.  Reagan and Anderson were quiet for awhile and then watched a few movies.  Then we had hot dogs for supper which everyone devoured.  Mom read a few books and Dad made snow icees.  What could be better!
  • After hours and hours and playing it was time to finally go to bed.  The kids were tired but they were excited about playing in the back yard in the morning.

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