Dennie Kids: January 30, 2011

What?  It's just a bit of blue icing!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The highlight of this morning was everyone looking at Dad’s toe (he banged it last night and it was all purple and blue this morning).  Dad had kidded that Mom had bit him.  One child didn’t understand that it was a joke-Graham later asked Mom about biting Dad.  No telling who he told at church today that Mom bit Dad’s toe
  • Mom and Dad were in Campbell’s class for worship care-there were 7 kids and just Mom and Dad.  Mom had the bright idea of letting Dad take some of them on a wagon ride.  He loaded up 4 and took them for a spin.  When the ride was over, he unloaded everyone (Campbell and 3 other girls) and they all started screaming, squalling and bawling.  Mom’s bright idea had turned into a nightmare situation.  After a few minutes and a sleeve of crackers everyone had calmed down but that will be the last time Cambell’s class goes on a wagon ride
  • Next up was lunch at Grannymom’s house-the kids enjoyed the meal….especially the pickles.  I think they could have eaten the whole jar of pickles but oddly enough they had no clue what the relish was and Reagan and then Anderson asked about the jar with green stuff in it
  • Back at home it was naptime and Dad even made Reagan and Anderson get in their beds for naps (they have decided that they don’t like naps when Dad is home)  With the dark weather outside, Anderson was out like a light (and now we are paying for it because he is going strong and has gone to the bathroom 3 times since he laid down)
  • Mom let Reagan skip choir tonight (shhh, she doesn’t like it) but Mom headed on to Bible study.  While she was gone the kids must have been pretty wild because Dad met Mom at the door when she came home and he headed to the store (we did need bread and supper food for tomorrow)  Mom fed everyone waffles and Reagan and Graham finished off the blueberries. 
  • Dad found cupcakes at the store and everyone enjoyed them-especially Reagan who discovered that when you smear the blue and yellow icing together it turns into green.  Lovely mess they created
  • Big day tomorrow-school, allergist, Nonna’s house, Pop’s picking Reagan up-everyone’s excited.

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