Dennie Kids: January 18, 2011

Our Superhero!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning and we were moving along pretty well this morning.  We all had breakfast and were at school early (Mom, Reagan and Anderson) and only a few minutes late (Dad, Graham and Campbell)
  • Dad tried to make a deal with Graham that Belle could come in and he could feed her tonight.  The deal fell through-Dad described it as a kicking screaming fit!  Oh, well Reagan, Anderson and Graham did fine
  • Nonna picked up Reagan and Anderson.  They had a big afternoon playing outside, then inside and then outside again.  They even went to see Papaw but he wasn’t home so they had to beg Nonna for some candy. 
  • Mom picked up Campbell and Graham. Campbell’s teachers just love her-even though this is two times in a row that she gets her clothes dirty (and I mean dirty) and she has to put on her spare clothes.  Graham was so happy to see Mom-he just grins from ear to ear.  Though in the car, Graham told Mom that he wanted Dad to pick him up and he also said that is why he fusses
  • Once everyone was home, Campbell took a nap, Reagan did her homework, the boys played trains, we all watched a short movie and then read lots of books.  Reagan and Anderson put on their “karate” outfits and karate-d around for a bit.  Their karate outfits are their bathrobes
  • Soon it was supper and we all had hot dogs while waiting on Dad to get home.  Once we arrived, it was time for movie night.  Tonight we watched The Incredibles.  The kids were pretty interested in it but Anderson gets to frightened.  At one time he jumped into Mom’s lap.  Reagan didn’t believe Mom when she told her that Dad was also a super hero.  Mom had to eventually reveal Dad’s powers: Super Dad!

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