May 20, 2011

Celebrating Jenna's Graduation!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • This morning was the first in awhile that Campbell woke up without fever and she was going strong all day long-all day long.  She wasn’t even tired for her morning nap (but I was) so she had to go down a bit early.  Don’t feel sorry for her, she went right to sleep. 
  • We have gotten pretty good about remembering to say our prayers when we eat around here-well, the kids have gotten pretty good about reminding us.  It is funny though-right before we say our prayers, a big fight always breaks out about who will say the prayer.
  • Graham was my helper today-he saw me putting stuff in a big pile for our trip and he thinks the sooner I finish the sooner we will leave.  He helped me go through everyone’s shirts looking for Disney shirts.  He is the winner with a total of 8 Disney shirts-Robby said that means we will have to stay a few extra days. 
  • During Campbell’s first nap the big kids and I played the kiddie version of Sequence.  Reagan was the only one who figured out the concept of getting 4 in a row.  Though Anderson and Graham played the entire game and did understand how to play.  I love that we are getting closer to everyone being able to play games together
  • Dana came over to pick up a few things and this made Graham’s day.  He loves Dana the best but he also has a few other lady friends that he is smitten with.  When I asked him if he liked older women, he replied “no, I like big girls!”
  • Nap time was fairly short.  I thought everyone would sleep for hours since it was so dark and rainy.  But within an hour, Graham was ready to wake up.  I thought he would go back to sleep with me on the couch-but before long Robby was home and the house was soon stirring!
  • The kids had been waiting all day long for Jenna’s graduation party (or birthday party as Graham thought it was).   They couldn’t have asked for anything more-Josh, Zach, Lilly and Cash.  Reagan was pleased as she could be about everyone liking the craft project that we made for Jenna.  The kids painted (but their mean mom wouldn’t let them paint their face), ate cupcakes and played a bit in the rain.  It was a good day for all.

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