May 13, 2011

Hangin' at Pinnacle Mtn.
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The morning was pretty uneventful.  We got dressed, had breakfast and read a few books.  The kids played mostly in the den while I sat in there and worked on laminating things with my new laminator. 
  • Campbell went down for an early nap and we even had lunch a bit early so we would have plenty of time to make it to my hair appointment.  Somehow after lunch time had gotten away from me and we had 3 minutes to leave the house.  I rushed the big 3 upstairs to potty and find shoes.  They really got the concept of needing to hurry-Reagan told Anderson which potty to go to and made sure that Graham made it to the bathroom.  She later even helped Anderson put on his shoes. 
  • Sometimes it is just best to get everyone to the garage so I ended up changing Campbell’s diaper down there while everyone buckled up.  Thankfully, I had already put the coloring books and diaper bag in the car so when we backed out it had only taken us 6 minutes to leave the house.  That is pretty awesome stuff-I usually plan for 20-30 minutes of “get out the door time” when going somewhere by myself. 
  • At Ms. Tammys (who Graham had been calling Ms. Candy all morning) the kids all set lined up on the floor and colored in their coloring books.  At the end, the boys just stood up and watched.  Reagan would take one crayon from Campbell every once in a awhile and give her another color.  I don’t know if she was being thoughtful or if she just wanted the color that Campbell had.  Since they were good, Ms. Tammy let them have 2 lollipops-guess that is why Graham calls her Ms. Candy
  • Back at home, we just set in the garage for a long time playing.  It was beautiful outside and the kids were perfectly content playing school with all of the kiddie folding chairs.  After a few rounds of catch it was time for naps. 
  • Everyone rested well and when Robby was on his way home, he suggested going to Pinnacle.  Reagan was up and immediately started helping me make sandwiches for everyone.  She even thought of labeling each bag so we could know whos was whos-she is a little me!  I had opened the boys doors and they stirred fairly quickly. 
  • Graham has had the runny nose gunk and today it was in his eye-which means for us that it is the weekend and we are going out of town soon and that he probably has an ear infection.  He would never say if his ears hurt and he doesn’t have fever so we will wait and see.  He started the evening out pretty puny but then perked up-he was probably just waking up from his nap. 
  • At Pinnacle, the kids explored the new playground and then we ate our sandwiches.  Afterwards, we played more on the playground and then walked the Kingfisher trail.  They were pretty impressed with the pictures of the Kingfisher bird and the Cyprus Knees.
  • At rest time I had told Graham that we would do something fun tonight.  He said that he wanted to go back to that race track and ride around it on the bus like we did at the Indy 500.  What would make him think of that?

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