Mother's Day: May 8, 2011

Breakfast for Momma!
Highlights from today: (click here for picture)
  • Reagan had the idea that I needed breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day so that was the big secret plan that I knew nothing about.  (I did have a few clues when Robby asked about waffle mix, when I cut up a pound of strawberries, when Reagan said that had to wake up very early and when Anderson told me they were going to bring me breakfast in bed)
  • Reagan was so excited and proud of the breakfast in bed.  Anderson woke up first and was ready to start working (it did help that Robby had taken Grannymom and Grandpa to the airport very, very early this morning).  They had to wake Reagan up but everyone was a great help. 
  • And they were all so proud bringing breakfast to me-waffles with strawberries and orange juice.  They also had lots of cards for me and Reagan had a flower that she had made at school.   I even had a laminator as my gift-it was a great start to Mother’s Day!
  • The kids had time to play before heading to church.  After Reagan’s long day watching the dance recital yesterday, she was not too happy that she was going to have to sit still again during big church.  After church, we ran by the store to pick up lunch and the kids must have been starving because they each ate refried beans, green beans and most of their hot dog.
  • It was then naptime and every one was told that they must take a nap today and everyone finally did-Robby ended up sleeping in Graham’s bottom bunk while Graham slept on the top.  It made it easy to just say “go to sleep” every time he called out.  We all finally stirred around 5 and started getting ready.
  • We met Nonna, Pops and Jason at Pei Wei-the kids enjoyed their chicken and noodles.  But the highlight for them were the fortune cookies.  Next up was getting to go to “green leaf” (that is what we call Yogurt Mountain around here-it’s like Orange Leaf but green).  Everyone finished their ice cream and then were excited about giving Nonna her Mother’s Day gift.
  • Robby was able to talk to Grannymom and Grandpa in Canada so they kids were able to see them briefly on the phone.  It was soon time for bed and most (1/2) of the crew are sleeping peacefully.  But one bedroom is still rocking up there-I can’t imagine having a houseful of boys!  Two is plenty-well, I guess 3 will be great too if that is what 5 turns out to be!

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