May 15, 2011

The crew!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • From yesterday, while we were in the car getting ready to leave, Graham asked if Robby was going to work.  I said no and then he said “yes, he is.  He has on his work shirt.”  Robby did have on a shirt that he has worn to work. 
  • Also, we were talking about the boys both being at church for school next year and that they would play on the playground probably at the same time.  Anderson told Graham that he would “try” to find him on the playground.  Then Anderson turned to me and said “Mom, dress us in the same shirt so I can find him.”  I guess it is easier to spot a shirt the same color as yours than to just find your brother.
  • Church morning and everyone had breakfast and then got ready.  Campbell needed a shower and Robby asked her if she wanted a shower.  She shook her head no and was pretty adamant about no showers.  She just whimpers when she is in there but after she was dressed and I put the bow in her hair, she just smiled at herself in the mirror.  The bow made it to the car and that was as far as it made it.
  • After church, we went to Nonna’s house for lunch.  The kids ate decent, then had dessert and then Nonna remembered that she had cut up a huge plate of fruit for them.  They came in and devoured it-the blueberries were a huge hit with Reagan.  Hmm, that might be why she said her tummy hurt tonight. 
  • Next up was Will’s birthday party at the fire station.  That is the best place a boy could have his party-Anderson and Graham’s eyes were so wide and when the fireman slid down the pole, I thought those boys were going to stroke out they were so excited.  Reagan was all about climbing in and out of the fire trucks too.  Anderson was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to spray the fire house like we did at Owen’s party and even went up to the fireman to ask if we were going to get to.  Oh, well, they still had a blast.
  • By now the kids were exhausted and we were headed back to church.  Graham didn’t want  to go in his class but after Ms. Shirley read him the same story a zillion times, she noticed that he was out like a light.  When he picked him up, he was snoozing on the diaper changing mat.  Campbell was asleep in the stroller when I dropped her off and they had moved her, taken her shoes off and changed her diaper and she was still sleeping when we picked her up.  We had some tired kiddos.
  • Back at home, we put on pjs, had supper, watched a movie and then went to bed.  Graham did spent the evening working on his sticker page from Will’s party.  It had fireman that you could arrange on a piece of paper-he had all of his men sliding down the pole.

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