May 23, 2011

Mom pulls out the bunny
cookie activity!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan had to get up for school this morning and she said “only 3 more days left”  I guess she is counting down even though she really loves school.  Robby took her and the boys waved and waved from the garage while he honked at them.  Campbell sat inside and devoured a pop tart
  • We spent much of the morning packing (actually, we spent all day packing).  The boys enjoyed helping some-putting candy in bags, gathering socks and bringing up bags for clothes.  We finished the majority of it but still have a page full of things to mark off of the list
  • While I was upstairs packing some, Campbell and Anderson were in the living room playing.  As I would walk across the hall and not see her I would ask Anderson what she was doing.  Most of the time his answer was “playing,” “she’s in the kitchen,” or “drinking her milk.”  But I the last time I asked I wasn’t expecting to hear “oh, she is standing on the kitchen table”-I can still fly down the stairs and over a gate pretty quick for a large pregnant woman.
  • We picked up Reagan from school-many of us still had on our pajamas.  Then we came home and everyone was so calm that I thought I could squeeze in a few more minutes of packing.  I was wrong-Reagan was laying on the floor and Campbell just hauled off and hit her.  Reagan laid there and cried and cried.  I told Reagan to get up but she ignored me and sure enough, Campbell wasn’t pleased with all of that crying and smacked her again.  Reagan has had a hard time with that lesson-if you get hurt then you need to move.  Maybe today’s smackings by a 1 year old will help teach her
  • Things did calm down after lunch.  We read our Bible story along with a magazine and then played for a bit before nap time.  After nap, Reagan and Anderson not-so-patiently waited for Graham to wake up so they could decorate their bunny and egg cookies (that I had purchased after Easter).  They had a blast but they must not have been very good because no one finished their.  Campbell did eat more of hers but she fed quite a bit of it to Graham
  • When Robby finally made it home, we headed out to pick up a bite to eat and then to Nonna and Pop’s house for a few minutes.  We put on our pjs there (well, Anderson never made it out of his) and then headed home.  We did stop by Grannymom and Grandpa’s house to drop of some pictures but didn’t get out.  They just came out to see us. 
  • Graham is very concerned about my packing skills and has asked me repeatedly if I had his gummies and granola bars.  I do-they are already packed in the food box.  I am taking so much food that you would think we were going to be gone for a month. 

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