May 25, 2011

All Aboard Our Pretend Train!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Last night we had a little experiment: Graham and benedryl.  It worked fairly well since no one stirred until nearly 8 this morning.  Maybe half the bottle was too much (kidding).  He was probably just tired from staying up late and when we give it to him tomorrow night, he will bounce off of the walls-good thing he will be buckled in.
  • Robby went to work while we spent the day at home-most of us in our pajamas (actually, everyone but me).  Part of the reason was because the boys were out of clean underwear.  By noon though, a 75 pound load of laundry was folder and put away and everyone was at least wearing clean undies.
  • Graham was all into packing today and wanted to help me do everything.  And he did pretty much help with everything.  Though he also spent time, a lot of time, on the kitchen counter.  That is his time-out spot since he can’t get down from there.  At one point, I wondered if I could just leave him there until Robby came home but since it was just 9:30 I thought that might be too long.
  • The kids played train this morning while I was sweeping in the kitchen.  They pushed all of the chairs into the den and lined them up.  I heard they were going to Branson, Disney World and North Carolina.  When I walked in to see them, I was again convinced that they all have the Dennie travel bug.  Anderson was sitting with his cell phone (talking to “his girlfriend”), Graham also had his cell phone and a bag filled with something and Reagan had a phone by her, a camera and her laptop in her lap.  Campbell was busy eating the snacks that they had dropped on the floor from when the snack lady came by on the train.
  • Soon it was lunch and we worked on eating up the apples and some other stuff from the fridge.  I had planned on us not eating all of the apples and me having one tonight but alas they ate all 4.  They had just gotten off of the train so I didn’t think they would have been that starved since they had snacks on the train. 
  • Grannymom came over to drop off a few things and the kids were so excited to let her take home the pencils that they had gotten yesterday at the school’s birthday party.  She has a pencil sharpener and we don’t.  You forget how exciting a freshly sharpened pencil really is to a 5, 4 and 2 year old. 
  • We had nap time but I couldn’t get the sound to work on one of the game phones (Ipod) so no one could take a game phone to bed.  This caused tears and gnashing of teeth but everyone did sleep for awhile and then all wake up at the same time-I would love to understand why that happens every time-everyone waking up at the same time and everyone doing their daily bathroom business at the same time. 
  • The big kids helped me make rice krispie treats for Robby for the drive tomorrow.  I would have taken some pictures but my hands were too sticky to grab the camera but everyone enjoyed helping.  Reagan couldn’t understand why we weren’t going to cook them though.
  • Soon it was supper time and then bath time before bed.  We ushered everyone to bed a few minutes early tonight so we could get a few last minute things done and hopefully get into bed at a decent time tonight (before 2 is the goal-actually the goal is more like 11 since that is 3 hours earlier than usual)

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