May 14, 2011

Want a KISS?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The kids are still waking up early and soon we were all downstairs and the kids were finishing off the donuts.  They thought it was funny that they ate them all and Robby didn’t have one.  Soon everyone was working on putting on their clothes and Robby was chasing them with the vacuum cleaner.  Reagan held Campbell’s hand and walked her to me saying that she was scared.  I don’t know if she really was but it was sweet of Reagan to take care of her little sister
  • We didn’t have anything to do this morning so we decided to run to church for the car show.  The kids were pretty impressed seeing all of the old cars.  Anderson asked why people weren’t looking at our car.  He thought since we were walking around looking at all of the old cars and people should be crowded around our car looking at it too
  • Next up was a quick stop at Walmart for me (Robby and I both needed sunglasses).  Then we all went to the grocery store.  We bought a zillion gallons of milk along with quite a few snacks for our upcoming trip.
  • Then it was home to unload the groceries-we didn’t unload the kids because it was time for Kennedy and Camryn’s birthday party.  It was at the ice skating rink-I didn’t think it was too wise for me to skate with this baby bump and all.  So that left Robby to wrangle the others. 
  • Reagan saw Kennedy and Camryn going around hanging on to the wall and she took off along the wall as well.  She went around and around and did pretty good-all while holding on to the wall.  She didn’t stop until cake time and then went right back out there.  Anderson had a bit harder time.  He also used the wall but quickly got off the ice through the hockey door.  Soon though, he was back out there and made it all of the way around.  He was so proud of himself.  After cake he did skate a bit more but I don’t think he ever made it all the way around again.  Poor Graham-skating is just hard for 2 year olds.  Robby held his hand and pretty much just had to hold him up the whole time.  They made the loop and then Graham was ready to be done.  Of course, when it was almost time to go, he decided that he wanted to skate some more (Robby’s skates were already off).  We distracted him with the video games and a few smarties.  The kids had a great time and were pretty tired when we made it home
  • Campbell took a quick nap while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie.  Graham kept asking me to work a puzzle but I was pretending to be asleep/snoozing.  Robby was next to me on the couch snoozing as well.  We stirred at 6 and quickly moved out of the house and were at Palios for supper. 
  • The kids must have been hungry because they each ate 2.5 pieces of pizza.  We are going to have to start buying more food.  They were so exhausted that they were pretty rowdy at the pizza place.  By the time we made it home, Graham had fallen asleep in the car.  They all drank some of their hot chocolate from the party goody bags.  Then it was bedtime-surprisingly Graham has perked back up and is now going strong and Anderson is snoring through it all.

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