May 11, 2011

Two princesses!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • This morning we managed to make it downstairs fairly early-though we didn’t have our clothes on. My egg cracker, Reagan, helped crack all of our eggs for our breakfast. Only Anderson wasn’t too keen on the eggs and refused to eat them until I told him he could have his daily pop tart after he finished his egg.
  • After a bit of cleaning and alot of playing it was time to finally get our clothes on. The boys again weren’t too keen on this idea and wanted to stay on their pajamas. I did bribe them with a package of smarties if they were good at our next stop.
  • We made our way to the Scholastic book sale and even arrived a few minutes early. The kids were pretty good-though I did push it by staying around 2 hours. Campbell was the best one and fell asleep as soon as I put her back in the door. The rest of the kids were pretty excited about helping me fill the $25 box. I did manage to stack up a few extra birthday gifts. Reagan even asked if we could leave after walking around for 2 hours. At one time, Anderson moaned “but we have already been down this aisle.” I then told him that I didn’t think I was out shopping with his Daddy!
  • Next up was stopping by McDonalds to grab a bite to eat for lunch. I figured eating in the car would be the only way to get them to stay awake until we made it home. Graham wanted a hamburger and Reagan and Anderson wanted nuggets AND honey mustard sauce. As soon as I drove out of the line and opened the bag what did I see? No honey mustard. This led to a decision for me-back in the long drive through line or jump out of the car and run in with the kids still in the car (hey, I could leave the car on and still have the keys with me). But alas after consulting the parenting handbook, I drove back through the line-the very, very long line to ask for my honey mustard. I should have insisted on a free coke!
  • By the time we made it home, everyone was pretty tired and ready for their naps. They slept for a long time and Reagan spent her time coloring books for her friends. When everyone woke up they could pick one book to have-the boys picked a make your own airplane book while Reagan picked a book that had a tiara and other princess stuff. Before long, she had her hair up, a dress on and sparkly body glitter all over her body!
  • When Robby came home, everyone was eating and I left for church for a few minutes. They had baths, watched a movie and then finally went to bed. They had a good day-everyone’s high today was the book sale!…mine too.

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