May 10, 2011

Back to the zoo!
Highlights from today: (click here for picture)
  • School day and zoo day #2 today.  We were worried that Robby taking my van along with Anderson would confuse him this morning but he still did good at drop-off.  Reagan and I made it to school so early that we had plenty of time to sit around and chat before going in. 
  • Anderson had a great time at the zoo.  He actually said that it was “really, really good.”  They were there early and waited for his class.  Everyone was quite impressed when Anderson told them that the animal they were wondering about was a “kudu.”  Yes, we are raising geniuses.
  • Reagan had a good day at school and was pretty excited that she was able to spend the afternoon all by herself with Nonna.  They even went to Bed Bath and Beyond to do a little bit of shopping and ended up coming home with candy (along with the candy that Beebee and Papaw sent home-I ate all of the chocolate and now have horrible heartburn-probably too much information).
  • Anderson finished his zoo with a carousel ride and getting to feed the fish.  Feed the fish with real fish food-fish food that Robby bought out of the fish food dispenser.  Usually the Dennie kids have to find what other people have dropped to feed the fish.  Robby told him to not tell anyone about the carousel ride and the fish food (he has done good so far).
  • After the zoo, Robby, Anderson and I met at Famous Daves to eat lunch (I had already been couponing and saved 81% off of my purchases).  Anyway, Anderson would be a great only child and enjoyed all of the attention that he received today.  We ran back home and then quickly headed out again to pick up Graham and Campbell.
  • Campbell was so happy to see us but she was a fussy little thing when she made it home.  Needless to say, she was put to bed to continue her fussing.  She finally went to sleep and was sleeping soundly when I told everyone to go and wake her up for supper.
  • After supper, Graham and then Reagan put on a puppet show for Robby.  They had had a big (i.e. wild) afternoon and had been shipped to the den to stay.  Soon it was time for a movie while Robby ran, taped a quick birthday video message for Grandpa (click here) and then bed…so far so good, no one has called us up the stairs.  

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