May 5, 2011

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • School morning and Robby has been getting up early so all of us have been getting up a little bit earlier.  Everyone was dressed before I managed to make it out of the shower.  I heard Reagan telling Campbell “let’s see if we can find her” and soon they were holding hands and walking into the bathroom.  So cute!
  • Graham did good at drop off today and even kept his pants dry.  Campbell’s teachers went on and on about how his little face lit up when he saw Campbell come out on the playground.  They said he followed her around and helped her get around.  Graham was alos so excited about his card that he made me for Mother’s Day.  He kept showing me the part that was orange-his favorite color
  • Anderson also made handprints of Mother’s Day.  But after telling me, he decided that it was supposed to be a secret.  He also told me that Ms. Wendolyn had a short nap during school today.  Then he laughed and said that he was only kidding. 
  • Reagan had a bit of a cold today-runny nose, stuffy and felt a bit warm to me this evening (not by the thermometer though).  She was so proud of her Mother’s Day present that she made.  She secretly carted it home from Grannymom’s and now has it hiding in her room so I won’t see it. 
  • Everyone played for a bit at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and then we headed home to start working on our Cinco de Mayo craft.  We painted sombreros and it was a mess.  Campbell really got into it-even painted her ear pretty good.  There is no way I can get all of that blue paint out of her ear. 
  • When Robby came home, it was time to start our Cinco de Mayo Family night.  We had supper brought in from a local Mexican restaurant.  There food is authentic, delicious, affordable and surprisingly they serve it up quickly.  Robby brought home real sombreros from work and that added to our festivities.
  • After supper, we had a coloring page to do while Robby took some pictures of the kids.  Next up was a family picture wearing our sombreros-this was quite difficult since no one could seem to keep their hats on their heads. 
  • Next up were the games!!  This is the highlight for Reagan.  We played throw the sombrero on Robby’s head, a sombrero toss for distance, hide the maraca and then throw the balls into the sombrero. 
  • And we saved the best for last: the piñata.  Robby and I spelled out piñata to each other during supper and Reagan said “did you say piñata?”  Wow, our spelling things out days are numbered.  Anyway, everyone had a few turns with the piñata.  I broke his leg off and finally Robby bashed him to pieces.  We also managed to bash our candy to pieces-smarties are not the best to put into a pinata (just a note). 
  • While Robby ran, the kids finished out family night with a Diego movie (hey, he speaks Spanish).  Campbell went to bed early and soon Graham wanted to go to bed too.  He made it all they way upstairs but then wouldn’t go to bed without everyone being upstairs to say prayers with him.  Since they were all downstairs, I told him he could just wait until they come upstairs so he moseyed back downstairs to watch more of the movie. 

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