May 2, 2011

I Love to Bowl!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • Another rainy day.  Of course, Reagan’s classes zoo trip was cancelled today so she went to school anyway.  She didn’t seem to mind and instead they did a Mother’s Day craft (she wasn’t supposed to tell me but told me twice she was so excited)
  • The boys played cars most of the day while waiting on Reagan to come home.  They were so excited about this evening that that is all they talked about.  Campbell looked and looked out of the window watching the rain.  It was almost like she had never seen the rain before. 
  • We had lunch when Reagan and Robby came home.  After lunch, Reagan helped me cut out coupons (starting her young) and Graham spent at least 30 minutes sitting in the floor cutting a piece of paper.  There were tiny scraps of paper everywhere.  Graham and Reagan also worked on their letter Ys.  Campbell spent this time screaming at me because I wouldn’t let her have the glue stick.
  • Soon it was naptime and then time to get up and scurry around for supper and clothes (yes, 2 of the 5 of us at home weren’t ready yet).  We had supper and soon Robby was home and we headed bowling!
  • This was the first time the kids have been bowling and it was something that Anderson put on his new years resolutions too.  The kids bowled with Kennedy and Camryn and everyone had a blast.  Anderson could hardly wait for his turn.  Graham stood by his ball and didn’t want anyone to touch his ball.  And Reagan started off pretty slow but soon she was in the lead and won the game.  (I won the first game of the grown ups and Robby won the second).  Campbell even had a turn after everyone finished-and she deserved it since she had to sit in the stroller for 2 hours.  She was quite the bowler and was so proud to have that ball in her lap!

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