Disney 2011-May 30, 2011

A Fairytale kind of day...
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
Graham did end up sleeping all night in Nonna and Pops’ room.  Anderson ended up in our bed which is quite tiny if I do say so.  Around time to wake up, Campbell managed to find her way into Grannymom’s bed.  She spent most of her time telling Grannymom “hi” in the dark room but did take another little cat nap.  Reagan didn’t move and woke up in the exact same spot.  She had told Pops that other night that he would want her sleeping in his room because she is the best sleeper and that is exactly true.
We put on our Memorial Day red and headed back to Hollywood Studios.  We were there before it opened and the crowds were pretty thick today.  Robby went to get the fast pass line for Toy Story and was there near the front.  By the time we made it to meet up with him, the fast pass line was at least a 1/4 mile long-craziness.  We stopped by Donald and Daisy and then even found Minnie Mouse.  Reagan has made Minnie, Mickey and most of the princesses pictures and she was so excited to hand them out today.  We then went to see Playhouse Disney.  It is almost the same as last year except that added Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  This is one of the kids new favorite shows so they were pretty excited.  Gold doubloons even came down from the sky-after that Reagan was busy collecting the shiny gold ones and saw nothing more of the show.  Campbell stood most of the time and took it all in.  The boys were all into it-they are just the right age for this.
Next up was the Toy Story ride.  Robby and I rode together and notice the picture of the score-the high score was mine (Tara).  Campbell rode with Pops and he swore that she knew exactly what she was doing.  She is going to be one brave girl.  Graham, Reagan and Anderson could have rode that ride again and again. 
After Toy Story, we tried to go to Little Mermaid but the show had just started and we didn’t want to wait so we just grabbed some lunch.  The kids had mac and cheese and chicken nuggets and they were both very good-I snacked while I was waiting on my sandwich.  Everyone else got sandwiches from Starring Rolls.  They were delicious and huge sandwiches and the desserts were out of this world or maybe I was just famished.
We then walked back by Littler Mermaid and had just missed the next show so we decided to skip it and see it next year.  But we did need to do a ride for the boys we we went to the Backlot Tour.  Poor Graham, every thing we do at Hollywood Studios seems to have fire and explosions.  This was no different.  After it was over, we went to the stunt car show.  We had never seen it and Anderson loved it.  We didn’t have the camera but I wish I could have taken a picture of his face-his eyes were so bright with amazement.  Graham had his hands over his ears the entire time but watched it all.  At the end though, there were loud fireworks and Graham let out a yelp.  Poor thing, this trip has probably knocked a few years off of his life.  Campbell busied herself playing with a water bottle and cup during the show.  Reagan was very worried about the man that was on fire and wanted to know exactly why he didn’t burn up. 
We had one more “quick” thing to do before we left-see Phineas and Ferb.  Except our quick thing turned out to be over an hour.  When we got there, they were on a 30 minute break so we sat on some benches until the line started to form.  Then we jumped in line and sat in the sun until they came out.  When the finally made it, Phineas and Ferb moved their line pretty slow so even though we were about the 8th group, we still had to wait on them to take short break (it was probably just for them to switch out people).  The kids were pretty excited about seeing them but Anderson was still a little disappointed about not getting to see Lightening.  He was satisfied with my answer that Lightening was at Disneyland.
By the time we saw Phineas and Ferb, we were all hot, very hot and thirsty.  We made it back to the van and to the hotel pretty quickly.  I made everyone potty, take off their shoes and socks, have a snack and drink and take a nap.  The big 3 went out fairly quick but Campbell has now spent most of her naptime yelling “dada” and laughing. 
She finally went to sleep and everyone rested for a bit.  Robby then started a slideshow of all of our pictures and Anderson and then Reagan woke up to watch.  They loved watching the pictures on the screen and remembered all of the things we did.  It didn’t take too long for us to put on clothes-well, it did take a bit for Campbell to get used to her princess dress and Reagan took a few minutes to get her hair into the perfect bun. 
We soon were on our way back to Epcot for dinner at Akershaus Royal Dining Hall.  They seated us about 30 minutes before our reservations so that was great and when we walked in the girls and then the boys had their pictures made with Belle (Belle wasn’t there last year and was the one that Reagan really wanted to see).  As we sat down, around came Sleeping Beauty (Graham’s favorite-though he wouldn’t dare take his picture with a princess nor would Anderson), Snow White, Cinderella and then Aerial.  The food was delicious and all of us grown ups ate and ate.  It was the best meal so far of the trip. 
And Reagan was having a great time.  She looked beautiful in her dress with her hair pulled up.  She sat at the table like a little lady and kept telling me that this is how a princess does things (like this is how a princess wipes her mouth or this is how a princess puts her napkin).  It was the perfect night for a little girl-heck, it was the perfect night for a big girl too.  Campbell wasn’t too pleased with the princesses but she did tolerate them and would like decent for some of the pictures. 
After dinner we went to the Viking ride right there in Norway.  We didn’t have to wait and the kids loved it.  Now, Graham might have been a bit scared and Anderson was squeezing Pops’ hand like you wouldn’t believe but they had a blast.  When we were done, it was 9 and the other rides were closed and the fireworks were starting.  The boys sat in their buggies and Anderson played with his spinner.  Graham had his spinner but couldn’t spin it because both of his hands were over his ears.  Campbell didn’t seem to mind the fireworks and Reagan held her spinner and walked backwards out of the park while watching the fireworks.  Reagan probably thinks that when you see fireworks it is time to leave since that it what we are always doing.  But I promised her in DC, we will stay for the whole fireworks show-Graham will have to be medicated though. 
On our way out, we stopped by to pick out some pictures of our day with Mickey and then headed to the car.  We left as a zillion other people were rushing to their buses and monorails and I was reminded that I love having my car here, just love it and I love my AAA parking pass. 
Back in the room, the kids put on their pajamas and said their highs and lows.  Reagan’s high was that the princesses liked her pictures, Graham’s high was seeing Sleeping Beauty and Anderson’s high was riding the Viking boat ride tonight.  Then we rewatched all of the trip pictures to show Nonna, Pops and Jason.  Campbell was awake this time and intently watched the pictures go by on the screen.

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