Disney 2011-May 29, 2011

Tower of Terror Rookies!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
It was another restful night-Anderson slept soundly in Nonna and Pops’ room, Campbell didn’t stir until pretty early this morning, Graham ended up Grannymom’s bed again and Reagan never moved nor made a sound.  Even though the night was restful, someone made breakfast reservations at 7:30.  So we had to be up and ready fairly early.  Campbell was the only one who wasn’t sluggish this morning-she found the lightsticks from last night and started playing with them (well, it was still dark). 
In one room, Pops asked Anderson if he wanted a shower and he declined and in the next room, Graham was asking if he could take a shower and I said no.  Eventually, everyone was pleased and we all were leaving in the van.  We parked right at the Polynesian and went upstairs for breakfast at Ohanas.  They ladies put a lei on Campbell and she wore it briefly but Reagan was the one who adored having the lei on.  Anderson wore his just because Robby said so for the picture and then he quickly took it off.  Graham enjoyed his too and wore it all through breakfast.
We really like Ohanas except this time we weren’t sitting all together-we were close but still not together.  The breakfast had sweet breads, eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, a fruit tray and Mickey Mouse shaped waffles along with some type of orangey pineapple drink.  Reagan devoured our tables whole fruit plate, Anderson went to town on the waffles, Campbell at the potatoes and Graham was at the other table but I could tell his favorite was the juice.  Soon he even had Grannymom take him potty for the 4th time that morning. 
Stitch was the first character that came out.  Graham became immediately shy but he has never really seen Stitch so he didn’t know about him.  He did say that he had a scary mouth.  He did warm up to Lilo who was the next one out.  Campbell even liked Lilo for a few seconds and then she was done with her.  After Lilo and Stitch, it was time for Mickey and then Pluto.  The kids even were able to do a parade around the restaurant.  Anderson was the only one of the crew that found the maracas.
After breakfast, we hit the monorail and headed to Magic Kingdom.  We made it on time to see the train and characters come and then walked on inside through the castle and on our way to Dumbo.  By this time, Campbell had already fallen asleep-hey, it was 9 in the morning.  So she stayed down low with Jason, Pops and Robby.  The kids loved Dumbo and I will be so glad when they make it bigger like planned .  The fantasyland expansion looks really cool and you can see the new castle that they are building-we will just have to come back. 
After Dumbo, we rode Snow White and then made our way to the Speedway.  The three big kids went with Pops, Grannymom and Robby.  The line wasn’t too bad so they were done about the time Campbell and I had finished our shopping at the nearby gift shop.  Graham loved that ride and thought he was something else getting to ride it.  The Tomorrow Land Transit was Campbell’s favorite ride-she stood up and waved and waved.  
Next up was riding Pooh, then Mickey’s Philharmagic and then we braved it and stood in the Small World  line.  We moved through quickly and were soon out and on our way.  Oh, Campbell did love the Small World ride, her eyes were as big as saucers the entire time.  After Small World, we headed on back to the hotel.  The kids love riding the rides but they are getting pretty tired but it was just a short monorail ride back to the van and then we brought out food box and bag downstairs to grab us a few snacks (and yes, we have a paper box full of food along with another bag). 
After our snacks, the kids were still hungry and ate at least 4 of Pops’ beignets.  Campbell spent all of this time snoozing in her stroller.  Back in the room, we made everyone lay down and before long they were all sound asleep-even Reagan who never sleeps.  The plan is swim, shower, Hollywood Studios and then eat.  We will see how well that plan goes.
We all managed to take a quick little snooze while the laundry was washing.  When Robby mentioned getting up to swim, Anderson our heavy sleeper who is usually a bear when he wake up, jumped up and started stripping down.  Everyone was interested in swimming and soon we were all down stairs.  Graham was much better in his floatee today and Campbell even seemed to feel more comfortable in the water.  The kids slid and slid down the slide until the lifeguards blew their whistles for everyone to get out.  We heard another kid say someone was sick in the pool but don’t know that for sure.  Though it was perfect timing for us because Robby had just given everyone a 1 more slide warning.
Back in the room, Grannymom gave everyone their baths while Robby and I dressed them and folded and put away clothes.  They all went to take a walk and play on the playground while Robby and I finished getting ready.  We then loaded up and went to Hollywood Studios.  It was pretty crowded there but we didn’t really have much to do-actually, I never really feel like there is much to do for my crew there.
We did see Phineas and Ferb briefly and will try to see them in the morning.  Then we had supper at the pizza place.  Campbell must have been crazy thirsty because while Robby was ordering she started signing milk and then gulped my coke as fast as she could.  After we ate, Robby took Reagan and Anderson to ride the Tower of Terror. 
Graham was not happy about this plan at all.  Poor thing is just about 1 inch too short and it wouldn’t be bad if he didn’t know what was going on but he completely understands that they are riding a ride and he is not able too.  So he was disappointed and I was disappointed that I couldn’t ride too (baby).  Oh, well, Graham and I will ride next time we are here.  First we walked to the Little Mermaid show but then decided that Reagan would enjoy that.  Then I thought we would go to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Playground and when we made it at 7:06 they had closed at 7.  So we walked back through all of the Toy Story Mania crowd towards the Tower of Terror.
Robby said that Reagan and Anderson were so excited on the ride.  Reagan was Ms. Brave and didn’t seem to bat an eye at the scary stuff.  He also said that Anderson squeezed his hand so hard during the drops.  Robby said that he even came out of his seat-so you can just imagine how high Reagan and Anderson flew out of their seats. 
We sat and people watched while we were waiting on the riders.  Graham had one time said “I am just sucking all of this in”-which I took to mean that he was soaking it all in or possibly even drinking it all in.  Wonder where he has heard that?  It was alot of soak in.
When Graham saw Robby he begged to go on another ride so the only other ride around was the Great Movie Ride.  It probably wasn’t what Graham had in mind.  Reagan is not scared at all by any of the darkness, loud noises or bad guys.  Anderson is a little timid but if you keep telling him what is going on he is fine.  Campbell doesn’t yet know to be scared and Graham was scared out of his mind.  He sat on Pops’ lap just shaking away.  He made Pops cover his eyes and he had both of his own hands in his mouth.  The boy was terrified but if you asked him if he liked it, he would say yes.
By now it was a little after 8 and the park was closing at 9, so we walked to the van.  We stopped briefly at the front to see a bit of the show and when we did, a huge fireworks display went off.  It was crazy loud, I know I jumped but I saw Robby, Reagan , Anderson and Campbell all stop in their tracks and jump a mile high too.  Graham hadn’t even recovered from the Movie Ride and this sent him back over the edge.  We all had a very good laugh about it---well, most of us.
Back at the hotel, we headed over to play our free video games.  Disney is so generous that they gave us 200 credits for video games (that equals 4 games-really, that is all! seriously?)  Anyway, that did equal one for each big kid and one for Robby.  Reagan picked the try to win a stuffed animal game and was furious with me when it timed our and reached and unsuccessfully grabbed something.  She thought that I had pushed the button.  Anderson and Graham picked bowling and at least had a few more turns.  Robby picked lawn darts and the boys were upset when he wouldn’t let them have a turn.
Campbell meanwhile, was giving Nonna and Grannymom and run for their money.  She ran through the corridor of the hotel and stopped at the elevator and tried to reach up and push the button-wonder where she has seen that before?  Then she ran down the sidewalk as a horse and buggy on another sidewalk approached.  This did scare her and she let out a yelp.  Then she ate most of someone’s strawberry ice cream before Grannymom finally took her back to the room.  She ran around the room until bedtime and her nap must have been too long this afternoon because she is still going strong in her bed. 
This is Graham’s night to sleep in Nonna and Pops’ room and I don’t really think that that will work but we will see.  He has been pretty fussy today (exhausted) so maybe he will sleep well tonight.  Tomorrow we are going to be back at Hollywood Studios-the goals are Playhouse Disney, Little Mermaid and Phineas and Ferb.

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