May 16, 2011

Precious Moment with Beebee!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Bonus pictures-Robby is posting a few bonus pictures of when we went to the Nutrition Center so they could take some pictures of the kids for a new brochure or something.  I had no idea that I was going to be in the pictures.  They didn’t take too many of the girls but the boys really turned on the smiles for them. 
  • Reagan only has 6 more days of school but it was still hard for her to get out of bed this morning.  She did think it was funny when I carried her like a baby and then ended up dragging her head on the floor-I promise I will be more careful with the new baby. 
  • Reagan and Robby left and then the boys and Campbell played.  Soon, they heard me in the kitchen and came to help.  Since my egg cracker, Reagan, wasn’t there I had to crack the eggs myself.  Graham was the first one to pull up a chair followed by Anderson.  Campbell just tried to crawl up onto Anderson’s chair and soon ended up on top of the cabinet.  By the end of the day, she was busy demonstrating her new skills-pushing a chair around like her brothers (of course, this made cooking spaghetti very difficult because I had to stand gaurd by the stove the entire time)
  • When Anderson put on his tshirt today it had the Crater of Diamonds State Park on it.  We talked about digging in the dirt looking for diamonds and that you could keep them.  Anderson then said he knew what he would say if he found a diamond “thank you Jesus”   I would say that too!
  • We then picked up Reagan and headed to Papaw’s house to deliver his brownies.  He wasn’t home so we had lunch at Nonna’s house, played with her toys, rode bikes in the driveway, checked out Papaw’s garden and then played on the neighbors swingset.  This was the first time that Campbell could really walk around outside at Nonna’s house and she loved exploring. 
  • Graham was a little bit concerned that we were going to leave without seeing Papaw-he would have had a major meltdown.  Beebee did holler at us as we were outside.  They had stopped back by their house for a few minutes between their birthday lunch and a doctor’s appointment.  We hurried over, delivered his brownies and sang Happy Birthday.  Anderson was disappointed that we couldn’t stay longer and that I didn’t bring candles for the party.
  • Back at home, it was nap/milk time for the boys.  Anderson spilled some of his on the floor and when Reagan came along she said “you need some oxiclean Mom”-maybe she has been watching to many commercials
  • Everyone slept well but when Campbell woke up, she felt a bit warm to me.  Was it fever or was it the 80 degree house?  Who knows but she did get some tylenol anyway-she spit it all out-I guess I do need oxiclean.  She didn’t act like she felt bad at all and passed the afternoon scooting kitchen chairs around trying to find the perfect spot to check out the countertop.
  • We had spaghetti for supper (a kid favorite around here-especially with meatballs).  Then we headed out on a short walk.  Next up was pajamas, bed for Campbell, a movie for the big ones and then off to bed for everyone. 

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