May 17, 2011

Hangin' with a COW!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • And I forgot to mention that last night when we were on our walk.  Reagan ended up holding both of the boys hands.  She grinned and said “I am holding two boys’ hands.”  She thought she was something else!  Oh, my!
  • The kids were all dressed and ready, downstairs eating breakfast on the couch before 7 this morning.  Somehow we managed to skip brushing our teeth so we did have to scramble to do that before leaving.  This negated our early morning start-though it didn’t much matter for Robby, Graham and Campbell-traffic was horrible this morning and took them forever to get there.
  • Reagan and Anderson were pretty excited that they were the snack helpers today.  The excitement was over getting to use the special snack helper napkins. 
  • About 1, I got the call from Campbell’s school-the had fever.  It was 100.something.  I was in the car headed to the grocery store but zoomed over to pick them up.  She was acting pretty pitiful and was quite warm.  As Graham left his class 3 or 4 little kids told him bye-popular little boy.  We went to the store to buy more tylenol-I knew we were out. 
  • By the time we got home, Campbell was still hot but going strong.  I sat her and Graham on the couch while I ran to get her medicine. They both had their milk in their hands.  When I came back, I noticed she had moved very close to him.  And then I overheard Graham asking in his sweetest little voice “Campbell, do you feel okay?”  She replied with shaking her head no.   Pitiful! 
  • Campbell stayed up for a bit longer and then I decided it was time for her to have a nap.  Graham was busy playing with a tiny magnifying glass-so funny to watch him.  He had the magnifying glass so close to the carpet staring at it. 
  • Reagan had made a picture for Beebee and Papaw at school today and the first thing she did when she made it to Nonna’s house was deliver her picture.  Anderson had made a picture of a roller coaster on two tracks and went round and round and round. 
  • Robby mentioned Chick Fil A so we went there for supper.  Campbell was still warm despite her medicine but she felt okay (though she didn’t eat).  While we were waiting on Robby, she spent her time running from room to room squealing at Anderson, Reagan and Graham who were hiding from her
  • At Chick Fil A, Nonna’s neighbors were there so the kids enjoyed playing with them.  Soon, it was time to go home and the kids didn’t even make it into bed until 9.  No one made a peep tonight! (my favorite kind of night!)

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