May 3, 2011

Color time at Grannymom's
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • Campbell was up and in our bed early this morning and when I turned over to look at her, she started kissing me on the lips.  She must have thought it was funny because she kept kissing me until I had to hide back under the covers.
  • Before long everyone was dressed and downstairs for breakfast.  Reagan wondered if today was zoo day (next Monday is and then next Tuesday is for Anderson).  Anderson wanted to be dropped off first and was slightly worried about getting paint on his pants and shoes during the day.  Graham had a great day-stayed dry, didn’t fuss and made a caterpillar.  Campbell walked so long and so much in the gym today that she had a two hour nap at school
  • After school, Reagan and Anderson tried to peek up in Beebee’s attic, ate lots of candy, rode bikes and had a few snacks.  Graham and Campbell helped me go through a few bins of clothes, we played golf and waited on Reagan and Anderson to come home.
  • When Reagan and Anderson made it home, the boys headed outside, Campbell swang in her swing and Reagan and I colored by the door.  Eventually, Graham tried to put a rope around his neck (this made Reagan come running to me screaming while Anderson said “oh, it wasn’t tight”)  Even though the rope was too short to do any harm (it was our trash can rope) everyone was made to go inside to help them learn a lesson
  • Soon it was almost time for Robby to come home.  Grannymom and Grandpa stopped by first and everyone played outside.  Grandpa fixed Robby’s riding lawnmower and Graham clapped his hands and said “Oh, Daddy will be SO happy!”  Then it was time to come in and eat.  After our supper, we started on our walk.
  • We ended up walking all of the way to Grannymom and Grandpa’s house.  The kids had a snack and after a bit it was time to start walking home.  It was almost dark and quite a bit chilly so the walk home was a hurried walk.  Once we made it home, the kids quickly put on their clothes and were in bed.  Not a peep was heard from them.

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