May 9, 2011

Mapping out
the day at the zoo!
Highlights from today: (click here for picture)
  • Today was zoo day and everyone was dressed, downstairs and ready to go.  And this is when Graham said “I think it is raining”-my heart sunk, the zoo cancelled twice in a row, but then I realized that Robby would have mentioned that me before I got 4 kids ready for the zoo.  So I looked out the window and saw the sun-moral of the story: never listen to a 2 year old!
  • When we first arrived to the zoo, Reagan was hanging close to us and didn’t want to be involved with her friends.  Soon that changed and she was right beside Kennedy and following Ms. Stacy around.  Anderson is so cautious about getting away from me.  When ever he would get ahead of me (but still with our group), he would turn around and say “Mom, I’m right here, were you looking for me?” 
  • Speaking with staying with the group…I had told Graham that we had to stay with Ms. Stacy.  And he took me literally-he ditched me and started staying right by Ms. Stacy’s side.  When she would walk off, he would scramble to catch up with her.  He even managed to hold her hand for awhile.  Funny guy.  This is my same boy who usually holds on to the side of my stroller everywhere we go.
  • We walked around with Reagan’s class and then scrounged around on the ground to find some fish food to feed the fish.  Anderson was pretty intent on feeding the “tortoises” and worked on throwing his food pretty far into the pond.  By now Campbell was getting restless and was ready to move on.  We headed out of the zoo and went to eat with 2 of Reagan’s friends.
  • On the way to eat, I searched for my phone to call Robby but couldn’t find it.  After digging through two bags and then the stroller, I still couldn’t find it.  I used Jodee’s phone to call it and listen in the van for it but someone answered.  The phone was in the gift shop at the zoo so after eating, Mandy followed us to the zoo so she could sit by the car full of kids while I ran in.  That was wonderful and saved me lots of work!
  • Also on the way to eat, Reagan said she wanted to sit by Kennedy, Anderson wanted to sit by Alex and Graham wanted to sit by Jodee (Kennedy’s mom).  The boy really likes older women.  He also likes telling people all about the zoo-he mentioned the dead elephant and the tiger that his Mom bit off his foot.  He has not met a stranger.
  • Reagan and Anderson were in their element eating lunch with their friends.  Maybe that was because I bought them ice cream as well-everyone else had some (peer pressure).  After our quick pick up the phone stop, we were back at home-Graham was almost asleep and Campbell was snoring.  Everyone but Reagan had a nap. Reagan spent her time playing with her paper dolls, coloring and making a zoo with her stuffed animals. 
  • Soon it was near 5 and everyone was awake.  Robby made it home and we had supper and everyone told their “high/low” for the day.  Always quite comical.  And then we all went outside for a few minutes before bath time.  Campbell was okay with swinging tonight and didn’t insist on walking around the yard.
  • We had baths and then prayers before bed.  And I will close this post how Graham closed his prayer tonight “amen, GOODBYE”

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