Disney 2011-May 26,2011

Mickey Here We Come!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

If you remember, Robby and I had a 10’o’clock goal of going to bed last night.  Well at 10 we were heading upstairs, at 11 we were doing laundry and at almost 12 we were cutting his hair on the deck.  Isn’t that what everyone does before they drive all night long the next night.  Still midnight was early for us to get into bed and we must have been pretty excited because we were both up before the kids this morning (that never, ever happens). 
Today was the day that the kids had been waiting for-trip day!  It didn’t take them long to get up and start stirring.  Reagan did have one beef with us from last night.  She said “do you know that when you put us to bed last night, it was still morning outside.”  In fact, it was still daylight but they needed their rest for the day/night ahead.  We had to explain the schedule at least a hundred times to everyone about who was going where, when and with whom before they finally grasped it.  Not too sure if Graham ever got where he was going next today.
The first stop was Reagan and Anderson’s graduation at their school.  Everyone was so excited to see Cinderella’s castle already stuck to Reagan’s window.  When we left Little Rock, we put a picture of the van filled with the family on Anderson’s window and we will slowly move it around the car windows until we arrive in Orlando (that’s the plan anyway-maybe it will cut down on some “are we there yets?")
We all came and watched Reagan and Anderson sing their songs and then get their certificates.  Anderson was so proud of his and couldn’t stop looking our direction.  Reagan was also proud but had that shy little look on her face.   We couldn’t have asked for better teachers for her and Anderson this year.  Hopefully, Anderson will move to Ms. Stacy’s class and Graham will get Ms. Wyndolyn. 
After the presentation, Robby headed off with Graham and Campbell to take them to their last day of school at Calvary.  We have been going to Calvary now since Reagan was almost a year.  It made us sad to think we won’t be going back there in the fall.  We loved Calvary and have been so blessed to have been there for so long.  (The boys will go to school at church 2 (Graham) and 3 (Anderson) days a week, Campbell will stay at home (no reason to send just 1 to MDO), of course the new baby will be at home as well and Reagan will go to Comm. Central one day a week and homeschool the other four for kindergarten.)
Graham loved getting to see and talk to Dana on Robby’s phone this morning so that made his day.  And he didn’t have a problem at all going in since Ms. Rachel was already there since he wasn’t late.  Campbell also said bye to her teachers today and she loved them as well.  They said she was always perfect in their class and never threw any fits….hmm, not exactly that way at home.
Grannymom picked up Reagan and Anderson and they both came home with bags full of stuff.  They brought home their school boxes-still in pretty good condition.  Both were out of glue sticks and Reagan was missing a pencil.  Amazing that they are still intact at all.  Anderson had a picture of him and his class at the zoo and Reagan had a bubble blower and blowers.  Anderson did have an eventful last day at school-another boy scratched him on the cheek while on the playground playing animals.  Anderson didn’t seem offended by the ordeal and said the boy apologized and also said he didn’t cry because he was tough.  He then asked if I had forgotten that he was so tough.
Soon after, I picked up Graham and Campbell from school.  Graham came home bearing gifts too-a plate, sand bucket, floatie and popsicle maker.  When we got into the car with them, I remembered that I should have taken pictures to the kids and their teachers.  I asked Graham if he wanted to go back in to take a picture but he only had his mind on getting to Grannymom’s house so we passed. 
At Grannymom’s house, I dropped of Campbell and Graham and headed home to do the final load up of the car.  Anderson wanted to come with me so he came along.  We emptied everyone’s school bags, put up their papers, took out the trash, started the dishwasher and then I put Anderson to work.  He was so excited to help fill up the ice chest-I probably let him put way too many juice boxes in.  Maybe that is what we should start drinking now (seeing as how Robby has already had one energy drink-almost 3 am est)
We came back to Grannymom’s house and every one pottied and I asked them to potty again but had no takers (I am a wild and crazy women letting Graham make this trip in big boy underwear)  We arrived at Robby’s work a few minutes early and then kids were about to bounce off of the van walls.  They were so excited when we hung up our van on the window and started the official trip.  First we had to stop at the bank and the official trip time began at 4:18 pm. 
From when I first looked back (probably while still on 630) I saw that Reagan was covered from her neck down with her blanket.  I should buy that girl a snuggie.  About 6 minutes after we left the bank, Graham said “it’s taking a long time.”  Then he continued to talk our heads off.  He wants to have the last work on everything, wants to see what I am holding and ask a zillion questions.  It is hard since he isn’t a big fan of movies and up front the toy bag is not near him so he has less toy options. 
At Forrest City, we passed out cookies and Anderson said “that was the yummiest cookie I have ever had.”  I thought that was pretty funny since he had eaten the same cookie just a few hours earlier at home.  Everything is better on vacation. 
In Memphis (around 6:42 to be exact) we stopped for our first bathroom/gas/supper stop.  The kids always seem to eat more in the car.  Campbell devoured her sandwich and continuously asked me for more and received some of mine.  Anderson ate all but his meat which Reagan ate.  She then asked for more and also got some of my sandwich.  Poor Graham asked for more but by that time, my sandwich was gone and he was out of luck.  Don’t feel too sorry for him, rice krispie treats were next up.  We just have to remember to buy more food for them when they are trapped by seatbelts. 
Our next stop was a Walgreens in Tupelo at 8:20. We rented Tangled from the Red Box, pottied and changed the kids into pajamas.  Anderson was so excited and said this is like we are in a hotel or even an RV.  Reagan said “I just can’t stop saying this but life is good.”-that it is, that it is.
Soon after the kids all had the middle of night sillies and were all giggling as we started the Tangled movie.  It is funny to hear them all laughing-Campbell joins in and she doesn’t really even know what they are laughing about.  Around 10, Graham and Campbell were asleep and we pulled into Sonic for a drink for Robby and a bathroom for me and Anderson.  Anderson must have been pretty sleep deprived because he was shouting out the alphabet for all to hear. 
At 12:05 we made it to Georgia and the time then changes to 1:05.  I love to see the hours ticking by like that.  At 1:30 it started raining and rained off and on until we made it through Atlanta.  We had another bathroom/gas stop after 2 and then another bathroom stop around 3.  And those weren’t even for the kids, they are all sleeping soundly.  Traveling with a someone who just took a diuretic and someone who is pregnant makes for lots of bathroom stops. 
I have spent the evening looking for license plates.  We bought a license plate game for the kids but since they are really too young for it now, I thought that I would try it out.  It is amazing how many license plates you see but most truck trailers are licensed in Maine.  No clue why, just a thought.  I have now seen 22 state license plates. 
Campbell is now talking quietly to us.  She is probably awake like this all through the night too since she never cries when she is ready to get up.  Robby and I are doing good and have watched most of one movie (Fly Wheel).  He has also discovered that Virginia’s flight this morning is going to be an hour late possibly causing her to miss her connection.  He tried to call the airline but the wait on the phone was over an hour (really, at 3 in the morning).  It is 3:15 and we are close to Macon, Georgia so we are doing pretty good on our time.   We are 2/3 of the way there and the kids will be thrilled about moving the van in the morning.

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