May 22, 2011

Cousin Power!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • It was raining this morning and since the kids needed baths, we just let them play on the deck for awhile.  The thunder only scared them a little-kidding, it scared them alot.  No, we opted for baths the traditional way-in the tub.  Of course, by the time we ran bath water for the first set of bathers, then cleaned and refilled the tub after Campbell did her morning business, ran bath water for the second set of bathers and I had my shower there was no hot water left. 
  • Sunday school for everyone-Campbell did come back without her shoes or tights.  I have a feeling her new shoes are getting too small.  I spent worship care with Graham in his class and almost had to send him over to the class that Robby was working in.  But his bottom survived (for a little bit anyway)
  • Lunch was at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house-we had BBQ (again-3rd day in a row).  That must have been why Graham gagged and …well, it all didn’t sit too well with him today.  But he did complete his meal with some peanut butter pie.  Campbell was a fussy little girl today and fussed most of the time we were at Grannymom’s house-she was very sleepy.  She was fussy/sleepy last Sunday but I thought it was maybe because she was getting sick, unfortunately it must be a new Sunday routine-being fussy.  But I do think her little cold/ear infections/pneumonia are much better.  It is pretty amazing how quickly the meds kick in. 
  • Reagan had a birthday party to go to this afternoon at the gymnastic’s place.  She loved it-remembered all of the rules from last time, jumped, climbed and was even braver this time.  She even devoured her strawberry cake and juice box.  Reagan said that she was her “high” today
  • Back at home, Lilly and Cash came over and climbed in the van with Campbell, Graham and Anderson and they all headed to church.  The boys went in Ms. Sonia’s room while the big girls went down the hall and Campbell went to her class.  All of the big kids played outside for a few minutes and then the girls went to church.  Everyone did great enough for us even to stop at Wendys on the way home for a burger and frosty.  Robby had them walking in a single file line to the cars like little ducklings.  Yes, we did get lots of stares!

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