May 6, 2011

How long will she love
to vacuum?
Highlights from today:  (click here for picture)
  • A lazy Friday around here-all my work was done so this was the day to play, play, play!  Though Graham was so excited about going to Grannymom’s house tonight that he was mad at me when I told him it would be after nap.  So he did what any two year old would do-went to his room, closed the door, climbed in bed and shortly after he started calling “Mom, I’m ready to get up.”  He thought that was his nap and Grannymom would be here soon.  It didn't work!
  • We played upstairs for a bit and packed their bags for tonight then headed downstairs for breakfast.  We didn’t have anymore cinnamon rolls like Wednesday but we did manage to make some chocolate chip muffins.  Anderson said that he could eat those everyday and that he liked them even more than waffles and pancakes. 
  • The kids played well again today.  Anderson and Reagan play so well together-firetrucks and little pet shop.  Graham hangs near me and wants to help with whatever I am doing and Campbell is happy if she has little toys to play with-putting tiny strawberry shortcakes in a car was her thing today. 
  • We had one last leftover activity from Cinco de Mayo family night-maracas (or just rice in leftover plastic Easter eggs).  We did this on the carpet-Reagan is my only child that can usually not make a mess-and this project was no different.  The boys have no concept of opening the egg up and spilling all of their rice and Campbell just wanted to sit on top of our tray of rice and kick her feet.  I did end up with super glue all over my hands while trying to glue their eggs together so I didn’t have to clean up rice all day.
  • After we finished our project, I got out the vacuum and everyone enjoyed vacuuming.  It was quite the highlight of the day for them.  Maybe I should get it out more often-I don’t even think that Campbell has ever seen a vacuum before!  But she enjoyed scurrying up in chairs like everyone else when it came nearby.
  • We had lunch and soon it was naptime.  Graham, who so wanted to take a nap this morning, had a hard time falling asleep for nap.  Anderson is happy as he can be at naptime as long as he has my i pod touch to play with (they call it the “game phone”)  Reagan probably enjoys the alone time in her room even though she doesn’t like doing her reading book with me.  But she did like it today when I timed her and she tried to beat the timer (which wasn’t really set).
  • Before long, everyone was up and going strong.  When Grannymom knocked on the door, they all started screaming.  Their evening plans were a picnic at the park and the kids were very excited.  They all screamed “Happy Mother’s Day” as they drove off.  Reagan is so pumped about Mother’s Day and has asked me about it every day.  She said they have so many surprises for me…wonder if one of them could be something about waffles-Robby asked tonight if he was to make waffles if he would need to buy anything.  Ha!
  • Campbell was an only child tonight and she loves it.  She smiled at everyone while we were shopping, waved at strangers and enjoyed munching on snacks while we were at Walmart for over 2 hours.  As soon as we made it home, she was out like a light-I put her down in her room and she was so intrigued with her fish nightlight tonight. 

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