May 7, 2011

Hanging with one
of my favorite aunts!
Highlights from today: (click here for picture)
  • Robby and I woke up this morning pretty early-me before 6:15 and Robby at 5:15.  This is crazy early for us.  So we did what most people do who don’t have any kids (even though we had one), we loaded up and went to Robby’s work for a few hours. We even made it before Robby usually makes it on the weekdays.  He had real work to do and I had things to get ready for school.
  • On the way to work, Robby said  “so this is what it is like if you don’t have any kids”-he forgot about the one kid in the backseat.  Campbell entertained herself very well for 2 hours while we were working.  She played with the bowling pins, spread her cheerios over the floor, played with zillions of magic 8 balls, pushed her stroller around the conference table, ate a poptart and tried to climb in a box.  Robby’s work is pretty fun.
  • Back at the Dennie’s house, everyone else went to bed fairly late but were up early and going strong.  They all had different breakfasts and spent most of the morning playing outside and going for walks.  Reagan did fall and scrap her knee and she was quite traumatized but a band aid and some skittles made everything better. 
  • Last night at the park, Grannymom asked Graham if he needed to potty.  He said yes and she told him to come with her and she would show him where the potty was.  She took him to a tree (the bathrooms were locked).  After he had done is business, he continued playing.  Later on the way back to the car, Graham noticed all of the trees and said “there have alot of potties here”
  • I picked the kids up from Grannymom’s house to go pick Robby back up from work.  We walked around the 3rd st. Street Fair.  Reagan said this is like when we got the monorails-remembering when we were at the street fair in front of Carlo’s Bakery in September.  The had a jumpy, free cotton candy and juice boxes, music, Robby bought a hot dog, I bought cheese dip and the kids had cupcakes (and Robby and I had a few complimentary cupcakes while they ate theirs).  Pretty neat little thing to happen upon.
  • When we made it home, it was time for Reagan to put on her dress for the dance recital.  She went with Dana, Grannymom and Lilly.  She even saw Lilly and Jenna dance.  It was a 3 hour recital but she still seemed to enjoy it.  We were hoping that sitting through a long recital would make her thing she didn’t want to take dance.  Maybe if we ever do, we can take from a dance place that doesn’t have recitals!-or at least short ones.
  • Back at the house, Campbell had a nap while Graham and Anderson had a haircut.  Cash was over too, so he enjoyed watching them go to the barber (Robby).  After everyone got to play with the water hose to wash the hair off.  They played and played and just as Robby and I said that maybe they would stay out there for 30 more minutes, Cash came knocking on the door ready to come in.  The water was ice cold and soon they were all coming in.  The boys spent the afternoon playing trucks, legos and watching a few movies.
  • Robby and Graham went to pick up pizza and a few groceries.  Graham was exhausted and fell asleep over the steering wheel of the car shopping cart at Kroger.  Eventually, the recital was over and Grannymom, Dana, Lilly, Reagan and Grandpa made it over for supper and birthday party/Mother’s day celebration.
  • Graham was as happy as he could be because Dana was at his house.  He is in love with Dana-talks about her constantly and asked for hours today if she was here yet.  He just grins if you talk about her.  Funny stuff!
  • The kids enjoyed eating together and singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa.  But they were ready to get outside and play.  Campbell was ready to play outside and would not take no for an answer-she was determined to get out and play.  After everyone left, the Dennie bunch crashed!

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