May 19, 2011

Baby Dennie #5 currently
weighs a little over 1 pound!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Campbell again stirred last night when I check on her, so she got up to play with us for awhile.  She thinks she is something else when she gets all of the attention.  This morning though, she gave me a fright.  She usually stirs pretty early and the boys were already in our room making lots of noise and I didn’t hear her yet-I quickly checked and she was just a snoozing away.  She was all curled up in a ball in the corner of her bed.  Guess she was cold since she was sent to bed with just a diaper (trust me, she was hot enough that she didn’t need any clothes).
  • The first thing Graham told his teacher this morning was that he had to go and tell Campbell’s teachers that she was sick.  Ms. Marilyn was the only teacher in his class then and told him that he couldn’t walk down the hall by himself so he waited.  And at recess, he told Ms. Marilyn that he was going to tell them then.  He did tell them and was pretty proud of himself for remembering to tell them. 
  • All of the kids have been pretty worried about Campbell being sick but she had a great day with Grannymom and Grandpa today.  You probably wouldn’t have even known she was sick.  I called the doctor about her prescription (again) this morning and Robby picked it up and gave her a dose at lunch.
  • We had the big ultrasound today.  Of course, we didn’t find out what the baby was but everything looked good.  At supper, I showed the kids the pictures.  They were very interested in the pictures.  Reagan said she wanted to see a picture of the baby’s heart.  When I showed the picture of the baby’s arm, Anderson started clapping.  And when I said “here is a picture of the other arm” he started cheering.  Kind of odd but I guess I am pretty excited that the baby does have two arms too. 
  • Back at home this afternoon, Campbell slept while everyone else helped me finish our craft project and then we watched a few movies.  Robby was working late, real late (I think 5:30 is late but he didn’t get home till 7).  By the time he came home, the kids had eaten, the house was picked up and everyone were in their pajamas….hmm, I might have gone overboard there because he just might start working late everyday.
  • The highlight of the evening was seeing a chipmunk on the front porch and then seeing geese fly by.  Well, for the boys the highlight of the evening was probably hitting the bush that the chipmunk was under with the baseball bat-yep, they thought that was pretty cool.

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