September 1, 2011

Lots of teeth brushing!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • I forgot to mention that last night Robby was in the shower and I saw Campbell walk into the bathroom.  Next I heard a kerplunk (Campbell falling) and it was immediately followed by Robby saying “oh, oh” which was then followed by Campbell screaming.  I ran in the bathroom and couldn’t see Campbell and asked “where is she?” and Robby replied “in here.”  Campbell was wet and shaken up pretty good after falling into the shower-we guess she was running a bit fast and stumbled right into the shower. 
  • School this morning and Ms. Wendolyn was not there and Graham had already had a bad morning so it wasn’t pretty when I dropped him off.  He really tried to do good but just lost it when I left-he had been doing so good that I even debated calling to check on him. 
  • The girls went to Grannymom’s house and they even played at Rock Creek for awhile.  Campbell had a blast playing and Reagan even found a friend from school to play with.
  • Robby picked up the boys and everyone had a good time.  Then they all went to Grannymom’s house for a few minutes and then headed home to eat.  I had my doctors appointment so I met up with them.  Click here for the baby update.
  • Graham and Campbell had a nap while Reagan, Anderson and I did school.  Soon it was time to leave and take the kids to Nonna’s house because Robby and I were meeting Scott at the new house to measure a few things.
  • I stopped back by to check on the kids and eat a bite of supper on my way to Bunko and Robby arrived soon after I left to take the kids home.  Pops gave Reagan a lesson on how to grill and she took it all very seriously.  Most of their time tonight was spent playing with the “little legos” and then baths for everyone.
  • When they made it home, Campbell went to bed and the rest watched a movie.  Finally Graham came and asked Robby if he could go to bed so he went to bed next.  Reagan and Anderson watched one more movie and then went to bed as well.

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