May 10, 2013

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Breakfast in Momma's Room!

  • Whitman woke up at 1 and then again at 6 this morning.  He is more alert all of the time and now if you start talking to him when he is fussy, he will calm down (for a few seconds at least.)  Pretty early in the morning, everyone but Reagan were hanging out on our bed.  
  • The boys convinced me to make crescent rolls for breakfast.  We made those after Robby left and while they cooked I had to wake sleepy head Reagan up.  The kids all had breakfast lined up in front of my tv.  So sweet to see them all sitting together-sweet for awhile until I find banana all over my carpet!
  • Next we started school.  Reagan is still working on listing all of the puzzles.  She finished the games and still probably has 2 days of puzzles to put on the list.  Anderson finished his work and the one "real" bit of work that I put in his box, he said "yes, I love this" when he saw it.  Kind of funny.
  • Soon Anderson was working on making his blanket that he received for Christmas-just in time for summer.  Graham was working on his pirate ship and Campbell was making a bank.  Needless to say, it was a pretty busy morning.  
  • I had a few minutes before lunch and made up burrito stuffing to freeze and then cooked some sausage and eggs.  The kids had breakfast burritos for lunch-they were thrilled to make their own burrito and I was shocked to see them devour them.  I made quite a few others to freeze for their breakfasts.  
  • And afterwards, everyone helped clean the kitchen and I send them outside.  I fed the baby outside and then told them that I was going to go inside and they couldn't come in until my laundry was finished.  
  • But then it started raining while they were outside and since I was right there, they didn't come in but they kept playing and playing.  Eventually, I snuck back in but they stayed out-over an hour and half.  It sprinkled most of that time and they were soaked and since they even found their way to the dirt pile they were also filthy.  Keaton stayed out with them and played right along.  Most of their time was spent under the shed playing "family" and once when I listened by the window, I heard them screaming  because a "bear" was coming.
  • When the kids started trickling in showers were mandatory.  Look at the picture of Keaton-it doesn't even do all of the dirt on her little body justice.  Afterwards, Keaton had a nap while the others watched tv.  Campbell, my constant companion, helped me organize a few things.  
  • Soon Robby was home and Campbell and Graham joined him in cleaning out his car.  This led to a game of basketball which led to everyone coming outside.  And this of course led to another round of showers!  Then we had supper-I heated up soup and the kids ate it like I hadn't fed them all day.  They played upstairs for a bit while we picked up the kitchen and then it was time for the price is right.  Tonight, Keaton sat on the couch and watched most of the show with us.  She would clap and raise her arms during it!