May 29, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • The kids were up before 7 this morning and Robby did send them to the toy room to play for a bit.  Since everything that happens before 7 is a bit fuzzy for me, I am almost sure that there was sometime of scuffle that happened upstairs including some screaming, stomping and probably gnashing of teeth.  
  • Robby was able to calm everyone down before he left but I was pretty certain that it wasn't going to be the smoothest of days.  I was correct though it could have been worse.
  • The morning actually did start of smoothly and pretty slowly!  It was nearly 10 before we sat down for breakfast. Before that everyone had done a bit of reading, coloring and a lot of mess making.
  • My plan was to go to the library and then to see Beebee this afternoon but she called early saying that she had therapy this afternoon.  So we scurried around to run and see her first.  By 11, we had made it to her place and were able to visit with her for a bit before lunch.  The boys delighted in shoving her wheelchair down the hall to her dining room.  They are going to want to come at lunch time every week from now on.
  • The boys were a bit rowdy (rowdier than I like them) and Campbell didn't immediately obey me once so they were all told that they would have to take a rest this afternoon.  Their upcoming punishment calmed them down and probably helped our visit to the library go smoothly.  It also helped that it was noon and not many folks were around.
  • Everyone picked out a few books and then we loaded back into the car and headed home.  Before our trip, I had practiced with the kids and Robby had practiced with the kids about getting in and out of the van the correct way.  They did perfect the entire trip but apparently when traveling with me they have forgotten everything.
  • It was 1 when we made it home and I quickly served up lunch and read a bit before chores.  I had given the kids a list of things to do and they scurried off to complete their tasks-Reagan working on the toy room while the others were working, Anderson picking up the school room, Graham vacuuming my closet and Campbell organizing the shoes.  They all did really well so I thought I would push my luck with chore lessons for them.
  • Yep, I took each big kid, Reagan, Anderson, Graham and then Campbell, to a potty and thoroughly explained how to clean the pottys.  We will see if the lessons pay off next Wednesday when it is potty cleaning time around here.  My eventual goal is for them to take over all of my chores while I set in my bathrobe watching soaps and eating bon bons.  (kidding-kind of.  Well, no I guess I am not kidding at all-that is truly my goal!)
  • By this time, it was nap time for Keaton who loves being put to bed in Campbell's crib.  Or maybe she just likes being covered up with the blanket up there-it is cold during the afternoons upstairs.  During her nap, we played a few games and worked a puzzle and the next big event was the required rest time for my troublemakers.
  • Anderson took his punishment like a man and even called down to me that he was sorry.  Graham was good at first and then had a screaming fit.  And Campbell fell asleep while laying in the school room.  Since it was 4:30, I had to quickly wake her up so she would sleep tonight.
  • Reagan spent their mandatory rest time watching herself a movie all by herself.  I am sure she enjoyed this time and when her movie was over, I ushered everyone outside to play.  It was 5 but they still needed some time outside.
  • They played outside and when Robby made it home around 6 we stayed outside.  Soon it was bath and supper time for the kids.  We again had Mexican for supper-quesadillas tonight.  Then it was bedtime for the crew and blog time for me.