May 14, 2013

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  • At 7:30 this morning, we were all still snoozing happily away.  Graham and Campbell came down together followed shortly by Anderson but Reagan and then Keaton joined us soon.  I ran upstairs to grab Graham's clothes and checked the breakfast menu on the way down so I could give Graham his choices. 
    The Girls!
  • I had my doubters (Robby) and I know we are just on day 2 of the menu but I think this silly breakfast menu is going to work out well for us.  They get so excited-today was yogurt and toast.  Thrilling, I know!  It hasn't proved to be less work for me but I do feel better that they aren't eating pop tarts every morning (though our new options may not be much healthier or cheaper).  But we are at least expanding breakfast food repertoire.
  • Robby and Graham made it to school and work in plenty of time and the rest of us had our breakfast and then started to school.  Reagan finally finished that list of games and puzzles-5 pages.  I am think that maybe I promised a bit much saying we would play each and every one of them this summer.
    The Boys!
  • I am sure that I often sound like a school slave-driver but seriously, the kids have had only minimal school work this past week.  But one of Anderson's tasks was to put 100 numbered popsicles sticks in order.  After 1 hour, he had 14 of them in order.  Seriously!  What was he doing?  I have no idea.  Finally, I figured out that he really had no idea how to do it efficiently-lay them out and then divide them into smaller groups to find them easier.  I just forget that I have to teach them everything!
  • And I guess that I can say that it was a good day when there was only poop on the floor once during the day.  Ha!  Keaton did leave the school room at one time and then came back saying "poo poo."  I quickly smeller her and no smells so I forget about it.  A few minutes later, I walked into the hallway and discovered that the child was right and my diaper putting on abilities must be lacking.  I called for Reagan and told her to "stand right here."  She said "why? what's that?"  Thankfully, the catastrophe that could have been was avoided!     
  • We even read science and geography today for school.  I unfortunately stopped reading those after Whitman and never started again.  Hopefully, I will do much better at science and history next year.  I, like most people, always have such grand plans and then don't follow through with them like I should.
  • This afternoon we went to Grannymom's house to pick up Graham.  I let the kids get out and they played a few games of "go fish" before we headed back at home.  Everyone played outside once we made it home-everyone but Keaton.  She fell asleep in the car and had her nap in the crib upstairs (no, we haven't moved her yet-we are just chicken!)
  • After playing outside, a few movies and then going back outside the kids had a pretty busy afternoon. When Robby came home for a few minutes, they all decided to go back outside.  Since he was leaving and backing out, I went out while holding Whitman to corral the kids.  Whitman loved being outside and even looked right at me (or past me but I like to think he was looking at me) and just smiled.  Of course, I didn't have my camera but his grins are getting more and more common.  Hopefully soon I can get a good picture of them.  
  • After swinging on the tire swing and a game of baseball with the neighbor kids, I drug everyone in for showers.  There is really only one neighbor kid that I like and feel "ok" about my kids being influenced by-so I am that mom that is always outside within ear shot or I am constantly poking my head out the door or waving through the windows.  I hope that doesn't mean that I am a "helicopter mom" but if it does, so be it.  I still have much training to do with my kiddos before I stop hovering over them.
  • Training-kind of like teaching them to eat spaghetti without their being noodles all over the floor.  How can 2 boys get spaghetti noodles 5 feet from their seats while I was in the kitchen with them.  At least, they all helped really well when it was time to clean up.
  • Some days I am really good about taking pictures and other days we are waking them up or hurrying around at bedtime to take them.  I still wouldn't change our "pictures every day" plan but it does get crazy sometimes.  Though today, I think that my few good pictures of them was worth the wait.  
  • Without Robby, the bedtime routine still went as well as can be expected.  I told the kids every thing that we are going to do for the next week and when I was finished Reagan said "you will have to tell us all of this again."