May 4, 2013

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Soccer Saturday!

  • Even though our plan was to wake up in plenty of time this morning and we did wake up when the alarm went off, we were still scrambling the last few minutes of the morning.  Everyone ended up putting on their shin guards and shoes in our room and then they worked on getting breakfast for themselves.  We did help them but they started the process.
  • We made sure that we fed Whitman before we left for the soccer fields because it was going to be so cold. I had thought that he would be so much warmer snuggled in his seat.  But on the way to the game, his little hat fell over his eyes and this made him very mad.  Robby fixed his hat when we arrived  but soon it was back over his eyes and he was mad again.  All of this stirred him enough that he was awake and wanted his milk.  The weather was much warmer than I had anticipated so he was still warm and cozy even out of his seat.
  • Man, we were sure that this soccer game was going to be freezing.  I brought the winter coats down, gloves, hats and I spent more time gathering tons of winter clothes than the kids actually spent wearing them.   It was a bit chilly when the sun went behind the clouds but not nearly as bad as we had guessed it would be.  The poor game after Reagan's game probably received a bit of rain-that would have been yucky.
  • Lilly and Cash were at the soccer game to cheer on the kids and they were all so excited to see them. The boys did great again this week with Anderson scoring 3 goals.  And Reagan's team did fairly well-still lost.  Reagan again played hard this week and would get into the fray of girls trying to kick the ball.  At home, if Reagan slightly bumps into something she will get so upset and just fall apart.  But today, she was knocked down at least twice and she just jumped right back up.  
  • On the way home, we ran by Home Depot for Robby to run in and pick up something.  Then we stopped by Taco Bueno for lunch.  The plan was for Robby and I to just eat at home and the kids to eat in the van.  But after passing out the kids yummy smelling food, we just ate our food parked in our parking spot.  We were able to enjoy it more sitting in the van with the kids all quietly buckled and watching a movie.  
  • At home, the kids helped clean out the van and had dessert in the garage (we have give up eating in the kitchen).  I gathered clothes for today, tonight, tomorrow and what seemed like a weeks worth of clothes.  Then everyone had showers while Robby and I switched off making a cake.  He is trying to redeem himself from his salsa recipe fail a few nights ago.  And he definitely found a winning recipe with this cake.
  • Before too long, it was time to load up for Joie's boys adoption celebration.  The kids were pleased to see a table of food and made supper out of the event.  Robby said he started to feel funny going back and forth to the food table a zillion times-the trips weren't for him but for the kids.  Think about it-2 trips for him, then a trip for each kid and a second helping-that is a dozen trips to the food table.  No wonder people might have been staring at him!
  • On the way home, we dropped off Reagan at choir rehearsal.  The big show is tomorrow and Reagan could not be any more excited.  She doesn't even had a part but she is so excited.  I am sure that she knows every single word (and probably everyone's parts as well).  I am disappointed in where she is supposed to sit because I don't think we will get to see her very well-but it is front and center so maybe that is a really good spot.  She has noticed all of the soloist are second grade or older and is now wondering how the soloist received their parts-if they were picked, raised their hand or their mamas asked.  I told her it was probably the first!
  • After dropping her off, we went home and gave the kids cake for supper.  Then they played for a bit and soon put on pajamas and we all drove together to pick Reagan up.  On the way out of church, I told her that we had cake for supper and she said "why?" to which I replied "why not?"
  • Back at home, we brushed teeth and put everyone to bed.  All except Whitman who likes to be up when everyone else is not around-like nap time, bedtime, supper time and even night time!  But since he was grinning at me tonight, I can't complain (even though it was probably just gas!)