Texas Wedding Roadtrip-May 25, 2013

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Heyday at Kemah Boardwalk!

  • Robby and I were up until after 1 last night.  The kids went to sleep an hour earlier but after laundry and some trip planning it was soon after midnight. And that is when my Whitman decided to wake up. He did have his bottle and then went back to sleep happily but that made it after 1.
  • We slept until after 8 and there was really no way that we could get around for breakfast so we just took our time.  Our first stop didn't open until 10:30 so we were in no hurry.  
  • Robby typed in McDonalds on the GPS so we could pick up breakfast and it took us to probably the only one around here with a play place.  We had to tell the kids we couldn't stop there.  Robby added that we were on our way to the museum of books.  The kids went on with their movie and the idea of a museum of books didn't seem to bother anyone much.  It is so much fun when we can torture them just a bit.
  • For breakfast the kids food cost us over 12 dollars while mine cost 1.  Something is just wrong with that.  The big 4 were each given 2 pancakes, half of a potato cake, half of a biscuit, half of a sausage patty and half of a serving of eggs.  Keaton had a pancake and then ate one of Reagan's pancakes.  And they ate every single bit of this food.  It helped that we were in the car for a bit but I was shocked that they cleaned their plates like they did.  What am I going to do when they are all teenagers? Robby may have to get a second job!
  • Robby ran into Target while they were eating-he picked up some summery shoes for tomorrow's wedding.  Reagan asked why he just couldn't wear his church shoes and I explained that they were wintery and at home.  Tonight Graham told Robby that he likes his new shoes because they looked like something Pops would wear.  
  • After the Target run, we ran by where the wedding is going to be tomorrow.  As we were driving up, Robby said "Boys, tomorrow is the wedding and you have to sit quietly.  It is almost like a funeral."  A funeral?  That is what he picked to compare it with?  I tried to suggest that it was more like church and Robby said "no, like a funeral."
  • We must have driven around too long because Anderson finally said "okay, let's get it going."  So we obliged and headed to Kemah Boardwalk.  We were there early this morning and parked right across the street so that was wonderful.  One time during the day, Robby even took a crew back to sit in the van for a snack and drink.  
  • Robby picked up our arm bands (we bought the city pass so have had lots of activities on this trip) and we headed off.  For most of the big rides you had to be 48 inches and Reagan and Anderson are just an inch shy of that.  But there was still plenty to do.  
  • We first rode the Ferris wheel and then the carousel.  The next ride was these huge swing/planes that Reagan, Anderson and Graham could ride with an adult.  The line wasn't long but moved slow and we had to swap and wait 3 times for each of them so it took a bit of time.
  • While the others waited, they rode a smaller up and down ride over and over and over again.  Campbell loved it and her sweet brothers and sister would hoist her up on it each time and then check to make sure she could get down.  Keaton wasn't too happy about not getting to ride but she perked up after we just handed her the bag of goldfish and she had herself a snack.
  • After our break in the car, we had a bathroom stop and then the train.  The train ride was long and took you all down the boardwalk.  It is an impressive little area and we only saw a bit of it.  At the end of the train ride, there is a mock shoot out in a tunnel.  I looked back to see Campbell ducking her head.  When we were getting off the boys were telling me that they didn't get "shoot" one time.  Campbell added "I didn't either.  I ducked down.  Cause I didn't want to die."
  • Next up was a walk along the boardwalk and then the roller coaster-for me and then Robby.  We were able to walk right on the ride but it took forever to unload and then the walk down was about a mile.  While I rode, Robby bought the kids a 12 dollar icee (almost that much) and then when he rode the ride we had brownies from home. They were leftover from the lunch after my grandpa's funeral and I had wrapped them for the trip.  Graham thought they were delicious and asked me if I had the ingredients to make them.  I told him that I thought they were from Sams and he asked if I could make some for him.  Yes, unfortunately my kids think cooking is buying it from Sams.  
  • Next the kids rode little hot air balloons.  I had to ride with Keaton and when the lady locked us in the tiny balloon she said "don't stand up."  The balloon couldn't have been more than 3 feet tall-seriously, I was not going to be standing up.  I was still trying to unstretch my body when it was time to ride the planes and sent Robby to ride the planes with Keaton.
  • The next to last ride was one that slowly rises so you can see all of the park-it was a nice cool place to sit for awhile.  Then the boys decided to ride this crazy fast spinny thing that Robby and I were so thankful they could do by themselves.  We both used to be good at rides that spin but our stomachs have gotten older and we just can't do those as well.  Reagan wanted to go on the carousel again and I thought for sure that she would ride a horse on the top level.  But she wanted to sit in the spinny thing so her and Campbell did that while Keaton rode a horse in front of them.
  • Oh yes, this is why I will NOT be winning the mother of the year award-check out the picture of my baby's legs.  Excuse 1-The sunscreen was in the car. Excuse 2-We forgot the stroller canopy. Excuse 3-It was partly cloudy so we really never thought about the sun much.  Excuse 4-He gets mad when I put a hat on him.  The other kids are a bit pink as well but they will be fine.  I truly feel bad that Whitman is a bit pink from the sun-though I he will probably not be in the morning.  We did run by Target (again today) and picked up some aloe vera for him.  Please don't call Scan on us!
  • Robby and I wanted to see Galveston and the kids needed a bit of down time so we drove around down there.  It was pretty beachy and there was lots of people around.  It was a nice little drive and some of the kids napped.  Once we made it back to the hotel, we cleaned out the car.  Robby grabbed my box of food and said "do you want me to get out the feed bucket."  He meant the food bucket but feed bucket is probably much more accurate.  
  • On the way back we stopped for supper.  Since the Chuys at home is brand new and has a long wait, we decided to eat at the one here.  It was a lot of fun.  Campbell said that she wanted to go there for her birthday.  The kids were great and enjoyed coloring and looking around.  The food was good but even better was hearing Anderson speak to the waiter-please, thank you, may I.  When Anderson asked for a refill, the waiter said "you are so polite, you can have anything you want."  
  • We threw on our bathing suits and headed down to the pool again.  The kids did better in the water tonight and we were all having a great time until Keaton said "poo poo."  So that ended her swimming time!  That baby is about ready to be potty trained-earlier in the day at Chuy's she was in the bathroom stall with Campbell and I and grabbed her just changed diaper and said "pee pee."  She knew you were to pee pee in the bathroom and did just that.  
  • Anyway, Keaton, Whitman and I went back to the room.  Whitman wasn't too happy to leave the pool or maybe he was cold.  Either way he was fussy and Keaton kept asking about her baby doll that she is attached to.  We left it with Robby and the others.  I jumped in the shower as they both cried, jumped out and took off 2 poopy swim diapers.  Then I quickly dipped both of them and worked on putting clothes back on.  I eventually had to prop of Whitman's bottle to calm him down and within a second he was sound asleep and hasn't woken up yet (almost midnight)  
  • Soon the others were back and everyone quickly showered because we met all the Ketcham clan at a snow cone place.  Joie and Jacqui's kids along with ours made 11.  Mine were all pretty tired-they just sat in their seats eating their snow cones.  By the time that we left, every single one of our snow cones had been eaten.  Keaton sat in her seat the longest eating every bit of hers.  And when it became too hard to use her spoon, she just started dipping her hand in the cup and licking it-whatever works!
  • Back to the hotel and the working men staying all around us, just finished grilling outside from the bed of one of their pickup trucks.  Looks like they are having a Memorial Day celebration-steaks, music, beers.  Kind of fun and they must have to work tomorrow (we hear them leave around 6) because they are all quiet now.  The kids are also all quiet-tonight, Graham is in the bed with me.  He is so still compared to Anderson that I wouldn't even know that he is here unlike Anderson last night who moved, pushed and snored (much like his daddy!)
  • Tomorrow is NASA so that will be fun.  I told Robby that I should have made my bucket list earlier because I sure would have put watching a space shuttle take off on my bucket list.  I am too late for that but I am going to work on that bucket list-Robby said that only thing on his is getting his kids to all 50 states.  Reagan has 3 left and Whitman has 48 left-Robby still has a long way to go to accomplish his list.