May 31, 2013

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Board Game Fun!

  • Oh Whitman just isn't cooperating with me lately at night.  He quietly starts to fuss, I jump out of bed and feed him, change him, burp him and lay him back into bed and then that little booger starts grunting and squirming.  And all of that leads to fussing only after I have laid back in bed and gotten comfortable again.  Robby did get up this morning when this happened and topped Whitman off with 2 more ounces. 
  • This morning most of the kids were in our bed pretty early.  And since I wanted to stay in our bed, I let them watch a movie and then another one.  By this time, it was breakfast time.  Today's menu item was breakfast burritos and the crowds were not too pleased that that choice.  Campbell was the most upset and just cried and cried "why can we not have a tot part." (pop tart)  
  • Campbell was feeling find most of the day today and didn't have any fever.  But this afternoon, she got all puny again.  She laid down on the couch and started whining that Whitman was waking her up.  I will give her that because he was also on the couch screaming.  I picked him up with his bottle and then she said that the ipad (Anderson was playing) was now waking her up.  I meant to get her some tylenol but she was asleep by the time I went upstairs.  Though after her nap, she was back to her normal self and was fine for the rest of the evening.  
  • After breakfast, the kids did their reading and I did laundry.  After I was able to straighten some of the house, we played a few games.  We played hungry hippos and Keaton was all about playing.  Some one would have to sit out each time we played and she would scream and scream if she was the one to sit out.  Whitman enjoyed sitting in his bumbo watching the madness.
  • Soon it was lunch time and then the kids went upstairs to play.  They have really played very well all day long.  Only thing is when the big 3 play together so well, they are usually playing with something that Keaton could knock down or destroy.  So they just lock the door to the toy room.  This doesn't go over well at all with Keaton.  She then just sits by the door wailing.  I have tried to explain that it is her toy room too but I also feel sorry for the big kids so I let it slide and try to entertain Keaton whenever I can.  
  • Naps and movies were next.  The boys did frequently come to ask me how much longer until Cash would be here.  We went outside to watch their turtle crawl around (yesterday they painted it and I added our address on him today).  When Cash arrived we just stayed outside-Robby mowed and I worked on a few different things outside.  
  • Around 7, I went in and showered up.  Then I showered the kids and served up supper.  Reagan was with Lilly at the movies and she made it back around 8:30.  She had the best time at her girls night out.  They had dinner and then a movie-growing up too fast.  
  • Whitman has been asleep since before supper.  I have now fed him again, taken all of his clothes off and still the child will not wake up.  He is happily snoozing and occasionally squirming around but no waking up.  This means that I am going to have a very, very rough night.