May 20, 2013

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Celebrating the life of Papaw Brock!

  • We slept in a bit longer today than yesterday but still have to get moving pretty quick.  Some ate breakfast first, some put on clothes first and some kids played on the ipad first.  So it was a bit confusing but eventually everyone got everything done and we were out the door.
  • The first stop of the morning was Robby dropping off me, Reagan, Anderson and Graham at Nonna's house.  We were riding in a family car-and let me tell you that was a highlight of the day for the kids.  They wanted to know where the trunk was, if that was a limousine and many other questions about the car.  When I told them that we should have bought a car like that instead of the big van they agreed for a bit and then Reagan decided that she liked the big van better because we had more room in it.  And Anderson agreed with her and added that we also had two tvs in the big van.
  • Robby took the little 3 to Grannymom's house and then met up with us at the funeral home.  The kids did excellent during the service.  Anderson asked how long it was going to be and Pops told him that it would short but if Pops got up then Anderson could get up too.  Well, when the guests started filing out, Pops did get up to catch some family and Anderson thought that he was going to get to get up as well.  
  • And spending so much time at Roller Chenal lately, reminded Robby and I of the brief time that we worked there.  So many things you probably didn't know about these Dennies.  Those were definitely the before kid days.
  • Hank did very well speaking during the service and I hope the kids are old enough to have a few memories of today and a few memories of Papaw.  So after the service, we loaded back into the family cars and this is when things really got exciting.  The police escort!  Whenever that motorcycle would fly by our car to catch up to the front, the boys would just squeal.  
  • And then at the cemetery, the kids sat quietly and then the Navy people played taps and then folded the flag.  They folded the flag right in front of the boys and they took in every single detail of this.  At the end they gave the flag to Hank who then gave it to Beebee.  Later in the day, the boys tried on Hank's hat (official word is cover, I learned today).  When Graham had the hat on, he saluted and it was the slow salute that he saw today.  Precious.  My boys, especially Graham, love Hank and can not get enough of him (just the way Jason was in when he was little)
  • We had lunch at church with the family (80% of these people I could not tell you their first names).  Actually Jason and I have decided that when we have to plan a funeral, you will have to put on a name tag that includes how you know us.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa brought the little 3 to lunch to eat with all of us.  Then I took Grannymom, Grandpa and Campbell back to their house.  I had a few errands to run before our trip-tomorrow is all day packing day.  Any bets on if it will all get done?  I then picked up Campbell and we headed home-Keaton and Whitman were napping.  And Robby and I tried to briefly nap.
  • Most of the afternoon was spent looking at a lady bug.  At Grannymom's house, Campbell had looked for a lady bug early in the day and then we went back to Grannymom's house, a lady bug landed on her window.  Reagan and Campbell looked at that ladybug all day long-they would go into my bathroom and close the door.  That bug was still alive tonight and I can not believe it-seriously, it must have 9 lives.
  • After cleaning up briefly at the house, we went to Nonna's house to eat some more meat.  Meat trays are the funeral food of choice.  The kids played for awhile and then we headed home.  Pops brought Sonia and everyone else over to see the house (even though it was a mess).  They stayed around and talked for awhile and then headed back.  
  • It was a pretty good day-the kids received lots of compliments all day long-but this evening they were pretty rowdy.  I guess they have to burn off a bit of energy sometime during the day.  Maybe they will sleep well tonight!