May 30, 2013

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Pre-K Graduation

  • Whitman has been waking up around 5:45 the last few mornings and my morning would go so much smoother if I would just get up after feeding him.  But that isn't my style!  I go back to sleep and then this morning we woke at 7:30 and had to scurry out the door a bit after 8.
  • Just a reminder, that I am pretty organized (not reminding my readers but reminding Robby who doubted my organizational skills this morning)  And without my organizational skills there would have been no way to wake, clothe and feed most of the 6 kids before we left almost on time this morning.  
  • As we were backing out of the garage, Graham screamed something causing everyone else to scream as well.  It was a turtle on the driveway.  Of course I didn't know where it was and slammed on my brakes.  They begged me to let them get it so I said that one could jump out and get it.  Reagan was the first to get out the door and found something in the garage to get the turtle with.  Then the child just stood there and said "it isn't getting in."  She was actually surprised that the turtle was not crawling inside of her box.  I had to jump out and throw that thing in the box so we could get on the road.  
  • Anyway, as I drove into the parking lot I started to wonder if I had gotten the time right.  It was almost 8:30 but the lot was full.  No one else was straggling in like us so we started moving quick.  I couldn't imagine them starting anything before school but maybe I didn't read the note right.  Robby was a few minutes behind me but caught up to me as I shuffled my crew to the fellowship hall for the program.
  • We walked in as the kids were all going up on the stage.  Thankfully, Graham's class certificates were the last class and even after a few songs so we had a few more minutes but I sure don't like being that close.  The kids sang a few of the songs they sing each morning and then they each were given a certificate.  This was our 3rd year to have Ms. Stacy at church (Reagan, then Anderson and now Graham) and we will miss her.  Campbell will be at church next year for preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays but is too young to have Ms. Stacy.
  • Graham was so happy to have his certificate and was even glad to take a picture with Ms. Stacy for me.  And Ms. Stacy had something for Anderson-we were out of town last year on the last day and Anderson didn't get his certificate.  And she found it as she was getting this years certificates ready.  So I guess Anderson has now officially graduated from preschool-just a few minutes after his younger brother graduated.  
  • We pottied while Robby fed Whitman and then we loaded up and headed to the park.  It was a pretty perfect morning to go to the park because the weather was nice and no one was there except for Graham's class.  I pretty much let the big kids run off and stayed near Keaton and Whitman.  They all had a great time and then it was time for cupcakes.
  • They were celebrating summer birthdays and Graham was one of the birthday boys.  He grinned from ear to ear as everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.  Then we passed out the cupcakes that we brought and then everyone had a few more minutes to play.  Ms. Stacy had gifts for the kids-water toys and Graham was thrilled and ready to take them to the pool tonight.
  • We were the last ones to leave the park-everyone else scurried away pretty soon after cupcakes.  But since it was starting to sprinkle pretty good, we loaded up too.  The original plan was to go home for a bit and then go to Grannymom's house.   But since we were finished early, we switched plans and headed straight to Grannymom's house.
  • The kids grabbed the ipad before I could even get in the door with Whitman and the bag.  They took their turns, played outside, had lunch, had a snack and were pretty hot and worn out when I came back from the store.  Whitman didn't do any of this at Grannymom's house-he just slept and slept.  
  • When we arrived Campbell was acting odd and when I came back she started again.  We didn't think too much about it but by the time we made it home, I knew something was wrong with her.  She went inside while the others were painting the back of the turtle, climbed on the couch, covered up and had herself a good nap.  She had a bit of fever-we didn't give her any medicine until bedtime so hopefully she will rest well.  
  • After the kids painted their shell and watched the turtle for awhile, they came inside to play.  The plan was to go to the pool after Robby finished with work but it looked darker and darker every time that I looked out the window.  They took it well-very well but I tried to make it clear that we would do our best to go this weekend.  Maybe I should have checked the weather before I made that promise-probably should have checked it today before telling the kids we could have gone tonight.  
  • I set Graham up with his nerf guns and cups to knock down.  This kept him busy for quite a while but surprisingly Anderson wasn't that interested in my pinterest inspired activity.  There were even army men to knock down but that only inspired him to go upstairs and make a fort.  Whatever works and whatever keeps them happy while I heat up supper.
  • It was starting to rain some and the light blinked once when the food was in the microwave.  It was a long blink-long enough for me to wail.  My wailing about the lack of being able to heat supper probably caused more concern for the kids than the lights being off for the half second.  Thankfully, they blinked back on and we were able to have supper.  After cleaning up the cupcake crumbs last night after supper, Robby decided everyone had to eat their cupcakes outside except it was raining. Well, we just all moved to the front porch along with a few extras chairs to enjoy the cupcakes.  It was pleasant out and maybe saved Robby 5 minutes of sweeping :)
  • The evening passed quickly and everyone played well.  Right after their bedtime, we walk down the steps and hear the tornado sirens.  Robby turned on the tv and I found my computer to check the weather.  So far, we haven't had to jerk them out of bed to duck and cover....yet.  And hopefully we will not have to tonight.  The lights did blink again and this caused the kids clock light to stop working.  I had to go up there to fix that-poor Campbell must have been nearing hysteria because Reagan was standing on her bed trying to calm her down.  Graham was sound asleep.  I calmed her down, turned on the clock light again and kissed everyone good night.