May 3, 2013

Fish on Friday at Cock of the Walk!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • I have told Robby that the only thing I ask of him when I am up in the middle of the night feeding Whitman is for him to roll over and keep my spot on the bed warm.  As soon as I stood up to get the boy last night, Robby dutifully rolled over to my side.  But when I tried to get back into bed, he wasn't giving up my spot.  So I just edged on in and held tight to my side eventually pushing him over.  
  • Just about an hour after all of that, Robby was being edged over back my direction because Graham had joined us in bed.  He said that he was itchy and really, it is just so much easier to let him in bed with us.  Robby did give him a stern reminder that tonight he had to stay in bed until 7 (of course, we should be up and stirring before 7 in the morning so it won't really matter).
  • The plan was for Kennedy to come to our house early this morning and I had made it clear to the kids that they would finish math and phonics before being allowed to play.  While Robby was still in the shower this morning, I figured out where my Anderson was-he was sitting in the school room doing his work.  That was pretty impressive to me.  So I delivered breakfast to everyone that had joined him in there.  They were all working before I had asked them to do anything (or before I was even ready for them to start to work since I was still getting ready).
  • But then things just went downhill-Reagan and Graham disagree about every single thing.  Seriously, every thing they will fuss about.  If one say that a color is light brown the other will say dark brown.  But the funny thing is, Graham will always pick the same thing as Reagan-breakfast choice, Sonic drink, anything.  He really looks up to her-even though sometimes I don't think they can stand each other.   Anyway, Robby had to set everyone straight before he left for work and things did calm down some.
  • Jodee was stuck in traffic long enough that she wasn't able to bring Kennedy over here as planned in the morning, but they did come around lunch time.  So we could have finished school but really, it was much more fun not to do school and just hang out.  We read a few books on my kindle, the kids colored, we hung up some upward stickers on their soccer posters and we looked for a missing library book (didn't find it).  We probably should have been reading science-we didn't finish our science for the year and I really do want to at least read it all. 
  • Kennedy did show up right after lunch and they kids had a blast playing.  The eventually went outside and boy was it cold out there.  I had let Campbell out in shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  I really thought that she would have enough sense to get her jacket on but she did get her gloves.  While they were playing outside, Nonna and Pops came by to pick up Campbell for the evening.
  • She left to spend the night with them and was so excited about this.  This morning as we were matching all of our unmatched socks (there is a lot of them-we matched at least 10 pairs) Campbell continually talked about spending the night tonight.  She told Pops she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese but he was hoping for Larrys.  We tried to convince her that Larrys had games and chocolate chip pizza.  I am not sure which she picked but Jason did write and say that she won lots of tickets and sent a picture of her holding one of her prizes so I guess she had fun wherever she chose.
  • After Campbell left, everyone had hot chocolate and a snack and watched a movie.  Then they all headed upstairs to play "family."  Keaton woke up and since I was freezing, I sent her upstairs so I could take a shower.  The kids were so excited to see her coming and started shouting "now we have a baby for our family."  Goodness, I should have laid Whitman up there but he likes hanging out in my closet during my showers.  
  • Soon Robby was home and we loaded up to go and eat at Cock of the Walk.  The kids didn't remember eating there but they devoured the fish eating much more than I thought they would.  I did squeeze Keaton some ketchup and that girl ate just a bit more than one french fry-she continually dipped the same fry in her ketchup over and over again. 
  • Of course, Whitman had to eat right before our food came out.  And then Robby took the girls to the bathroom, so I was left juggling Whitman and his bottle, keeping Keaton in her high chair and passing out our delivered food.  But we managed and all had a great time this evening.  After we ate, the kids threw their leftover cornbread to the fish and turtles.  We didn't stay out too long because it was just freezing this evening.
  • Freezing tonight but nothing like how it will be freezing in the morning.  So when we made it home, we gathered gloves, pants, long underwear and lots of cold weather paraphernalia before going to bed.